First Blog at Google

A year ago, I wrote some blogs in other website but I stop doing it because I had been busy at work. I started blogging after I met some friends online and inspired me to write my own stuff. I could have many reasons for writing a blog but the most important reason is to share my thoughts to other people, just write whatever goes into my mind. Before, I wrote blog because it felt good to be heard by people who knew me and even the people who had no idea who I am.

I think this will be the same reason I have right now, maybe because I can see that I have more free time right now to do it (I hope I am right on that speculation in the future).

Anyway, whatever goes into my mind and I think that I wanted to write it here, I will write it here.

So, stay tune on my next blog.

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DBA Mountaineer

An IT Professional who is in love to travel to learn more about our world, like natures a lot specially mountains.

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