Chromatic Outlook : Australian War Memorial


Chromatic Outlook (Post#6): Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial is Australia’s national memorial to remember its military forces and other supporting forces who died for its country. I had a chance to visit this place last June 2013 when I visited Canberra which is the Australian Capital City (called as Australian Capital Territory).

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Treloar Cres, Campbell ACT 2612, Australia

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10 thoughts on “Chromatic Outlook : Australian War Memorial”

    1. English translation:
      “Has huge and monumental. Correlates the size of the monument with the amount of fallen soldiers ?”

      It is huge and monumental probably not because of the size of fallen soldiers but I think it’s because of what they had fight for which is freedom of humanity (maybe more specific) and it’s not only for soldiers in Gallipoli but for all soldiers who died in service.

      Thank you again for appreciating the photo.

    1. I agree with you Anne, though of course you will feel the sadness of tragic story but that’s war, if only there will be no more wars but that’s not the truth, even in our times, there still conflict in every part of the world… Thank you for coming back Anne.

    1. Hi, when I visited the memorial, even though I am not Australian, but the feeling of the bravery and love for the peace and freedom which most of us have it now, I felt thankful and I honor and respect them.

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