Panoramic View : Mount Kinabalu

DSC06416Panoramic View (Post#11) : Mount Kinabalu

First mountain to climb – Mount Kinabalu, the mountain with the title of “Highest Mountain in South East Asia”. To be honest, I was not able to reached the summit of the mountain. Mount Kinabalu’s altitude is 4095 MASL (meters above sea level). Yes this was the first mountain that I climb when I joined the mountaineering club which headed by my colleague at work that time. I only reach the hotel in Laban Rata with altitude of 3200+ MASL. I never insist to myself to push over to my limits. I told myself that the mountain is not going anywhere and maybe time will permit me or allow me to reach the highest peak of this mountain. My group was composed of 13 mountaineers and 5 in the group were able to reached the highest peak. For me I made an accomplishment for a rookie member like me. But I will not recommend to do the same thing that I did because preparation for conquering high altitude mountain need training physically because it definitely helps. Photo captured last September 2008.

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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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24 thoughts on “Panoramic View : Mount Kinabalu”

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for dropping by. It is really challenging and to think its my first formal climb with the group and we did a reverse climb which means we took the long and difficult trail to reach the top and another trail to go down. But it’s a memorable experience that I will never forget.

  1. This sounds like quite a challenging climb! How were the weather conditions on the top? Many people are mountain climbers where I live in Colorado. I hope to climb one of our14,000 foot mountains one day.

    1. At Laban Rata hotel that I reached, it’s very cold and windy specially in the early morning and the air is thin, for what I know it’s also the same in the summit as per my co-mountaineer who reached the highest peak. We did a fever climb since the mountain has two trails.

    1. Hi Thomas, you are right its an achievement already, during the time that we climbed the mountain, the difference of the certificate of climbing Mount Kinabalu was those who did not reach the summit was black and white and it indicates the altitude you reach while those who were strongly reach the summit their certificate was colored one. Thanks for coming by.

    1. I already enjoyed the mountain, of course reaching the summit has more meaningful but I never regret of what happened. I am still looking for another chance to reach that summit though…thanks for coming again.

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