Precious Moment In The Mountain : Cradle Mountain


Precious Moment In The Mountain (Post#12) : Cradle Mountain

When I visited Tasmania Island in Australia, I included a tour for Cradle Mountain. The said mountain is located in the Cradle Mountain-Lake Saint Claire National Park and it is one the main tourist site in the island. During the tour we did one of the available walks in the said park. I love the photo above because of the scenic view of Crater Lake from within the Cradle Mountain. Photo captured last June 2013.

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  • Exceptional shot! Worth looking, worth recollecting!

    • Sceneries from the mountain is my favorite things to see specially when I am climbing or trekking natural high-altitude places because those sceneries cannot be appreciated at below. And I honestly like experiencing the place rather than looking or watching it, like the mountains, I prefer to climb it than just seeing it from a far. Thank you again fro dropping by to my site.

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