Panoramic View : Mount Conner


Panoramic View (Post#15) : Mount Conner

One of the mountains that I discovered from a distance in Red Centre at Northern Territory Australia is Mount Conner. When I saw this mountain I can’t believe that there such a mountain where the top is almost perfectly flat when looking from a far. For us in Philippines such hill or mountain are categorized as “Talampas” which means an elevated area with flat top or in English it is a Plateau or Mesa (Table Mountain). “Mesa” word is actually means “Table” for us. Photo captured during my Outback Adventure last March 2013.

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    1. Hi Kellyn, when you got a chance, grab it. I explore as much as I can because my visa to Australia has expiration, that’s why I tried my best to visit a lot of places as much as I can… Thank you fro dropping by.

    1. I think there are more in USA. I am not sure if there still other table mountain in Australia, maybe I will have a chance in my next adventure in Northern and Western part of Australia..I welcome you in my humble site. Thank you fri coming Diana.

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