Life Of Others : Kangaroo Island – Sleepyhead Seal


Life Of Others (Post#2) : Kangaroo Island – Sleepyhead Seal

It was my second day in South Australia and I was in Kangaroo Island when we saw this one. Seal which was sleeping at the time we went to Seal Bay. This was just one of the seal we saw, and majority of them did the same thing as if the bay is their hibernating area after coming from the sea. Photo taken last May 2013. One thing really confused me was its similarities of seal and sea-lion, until I searched what’s the difference. I found out that seal has small flipper, wriggle on their bellies on land and lack visible ear flaps while sea-lion has large flipper, walk on land using flipper and have visible ear flaps.

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Seal Bay SA, Australia

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