Tokyo SkyTree – A Lookout Window to Tokyo and Beyond

After enjoying our time in Sensoji Temple, we saw Tokyo SkyTree from the ground. My sister and I were wondering what Tokyo looks like from the tower. Then, without really planning to visit Tokyo SkyTree we randomly decided to try it and found ourselves together with our parents on our way to the tower. From Sensoji Temple area, we walked towards Asakusa Station in Tobu Line and took train to  Tokyo SkyTree Station.


After we reached Tokyo SkyTree Station, we asked few people for some directions and then followed the crowd as it seems that most people were visiting Tokyo SkyTree tower. While following the crowd, we passed floors from 1st to 4th floor and we just used escalators,  the 2nd and 3rd floors are called Tokyo Solamachi which we haven’t really explored as we were focused to reached the top of the tower. When we reached the 4th floor we saw the very long queue that were waiting to buy their ticket. I started to get worried and nervous because we had few hours left for SkyTree.


We approached international visitors booth that we saw, I thought to myself, there may be some hope to bypass the long queue for foreign visitors, there’s a woman guide standing near the booth and I asked her if we can buy the ticket at the foreign visitors booth, she confirmed that we can and we felt relieved. The booth is dedicated for international visitors. This means that we do not need to be burden with the long queue just to buy the ticket. And in few minutes of waiting we had our ticket and we queued in the elevator together with other foreigners.


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Sumida and Taito Tokyo Area


Ueno Park from Tokyo SkyTree


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Chuo Tokyo Area


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Arakawa Tokyo and Adachi Tokyo Area


Sumida Tokyo Area


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Sumida Tokyo and Katsushika Tokyo Area


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Sumida Tokyo, Edogawa Tokyo and Koto Tokyo Area


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Koto Tokyo Area

We arrived at Tembo Deck with an altitude from the ground of 350 meters. The deck was pack of people in every corner of viewing window, just realized how many people were there like us too curious to see Tokyo from above. At the deck there is cafe, shop and restaurant that visitors can indulge with while enjoying the scenery at the top. My family and I spent our time taking photos together every time there’s empty glass window with the view of Tokyo.



Tembo Deck, includes floors from 340 to 350. While Tembo Galeria has 445 and 450 which is the highest point that the visitors can go inside Tokyo SkyTree. The ticket for Tembo can only be bought at Tembo Deck. At that time, I decided not to buy  the ticket anymore as I saw there’s a queue as well to go up and this will consume our limited time.

We arrived at 350 and this means to see other parts of the deck, we descended to 345 and 340 floors. At 340, we found the glass floor to experienced watching the ground from it.


The nearby Special Ward in Tokyo are visible from Tokyo SkyTree. The following Special ward that we saw from the top are: Sumida, Taito, Chuo, Arakawa, Adachi, Katsushika, Edogawa and Koto.


A bit of information that I learned about Tokyo Skytree tower that made me realise how amazing the tower is. It is the Tallest Free-Standing Broadcasting Tower in the world. It also received the Guinness World Record – World Tallest Tower in the World last 2011. It is also recorded as second tallest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Japan, 〒131-0045 Tōkyō-to, Sumida-ku, Oshiage, 1 Chome−39−1 第2羽鳥ビル

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