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United States of America – An Introduction To The Country With No Singular Specific Cultural Identity

Yeah I know the title was not that good. A lot of people may raise their eye brows on me and looking at me like “How dare you to say that?”. I didn’t mean bad thing when I made that title, I didn’t even think a negative about it. I know that the time I spent in USA was not

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Walking, Crawling and Climbing the Trail of Mount Mariveles – Tarak Ridge

I had vacation in my country last October 2010 since at that time I was still employed in Singapore. But to be honest the main reason I came back in my country after around 6 months (I had vacation last May 2010 too) was to sign a job offer for my next job back home. Yes, I returned to my

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Abeling Tribe Outreach and Mount Tangisan Side Trip Climb 

The mountaineering group that I belong did a lot of adventures, trips and climbs. Some were in abroad but mostly were within our beloved country. This group gave me a chance to see a lot of places, unforgettable and unique experiences. Another type of adventure that the group involved with are doing outreach activity mostly to remote places. The group

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Live in a Dreamworld for a Day (Universal Studios – Osaka)

It was around 4PM in the afternoon, we were set to travel from Hiroshima to Kyoto. We spent at least 1.5 days in Hiroshima and so far we enjoyed the adventure we had. When the time that we were moving again to another destination in Japan, distance between these two prefectures seems not an issue. Transportation is one of the

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