United States of America – An Introduction To The Country With No Singular Specific Cultural Identity

Yeah I know the title was not that good. A lot of people may raise their eye brows on me and looking at me like “How dare you to say that?”.

I didn’t mean bad thing when I made that title, I didn’t even think a negative about it. I know that the time I spent in USA was not enough to observe the overall culture, ethics, beliefs and even its politics to say about one country.

We usually heard that USA is “Land of the Free”. That’s why the Statue of Liberty in New York represents USA as a country because it symbolises what’s the real thing going on inside this one of the powerful country in the world.

As I traveled to not so many countries and observed the cultural identities of each country that I visited. It emanates the heritage and culture so much in-depth that even we live now in modern times of our days, it still reflects in our way of living, way of our thinking and belief.

Because USA is one of the country that opens its door to the world at earlier times where it allows any color or race to accept in their country. Yes there are countries that automatically can come without visa and there are countries that they are very strict but they still give you a chance to be fair in each citizen from all over the world (if not 100%) to migrate. With that part of their history, cultures from different countries brought to this huge continent like country and these culture identities are spread in different states and cities that no one can really identify if USA has been more influence of specific culture. One culture identity maybe noticeable in one place but cannot be said that its noticeable to the whole country. I looked at USA as a country with multi-cultural identity. The foreign cultural influence in this country from outside maybe observed from different places but in totality the effect is not a whole wide country as we see this huge country is so big that the impact will be really widespread and so deep. Because of mix culture influence, there are times that people or even myself make mistakes where the culture, norms or ethics may come from. I hope that for 10 years visa that was given to me, I will be able to explore more and learn more this country being called “Land of the Free”.

USA is a country that impossible for me to reach. The first time that I applied for US Visa last 2011 had been denied, the reason given to me was I don’t have strong family ties to come back to Philippines. I was sad at that time because my chance to travel to USA was gone. At that time that I applied for business visa was through personal or individual application because the company that sponsoring my visa application is not qualified for PIP (priority interview program) due to not meeting the required employee headcount (which for what I know must be at least a hundred employee before able to pass that program) and the company that I was affiliated with just have around 50 employees.

Because of the experienced of my first time application was bad, I removed USA in my bucket list that I plan to travel in the near future.

Unexpected happened in the company and never thought nor dream that it will happen. My boss at work talked to me that I may engage with the project in USA though it was not sure yet at that time. The project is engaging USA client. That thought in mind I still never think that I will be going to USA. Few weeks passed and the local manager in the project pushed me to process my visa application. This time it’s different because the company that I’m currently working is in PIP (Priority Interview Program). At least in this second time of visa application there’s a bit of help from the company. My interview was set and I was oriented by my company to be able to pass the consul officer interview. I went in US Embassy (which located at Roxas Boulevard) at least more than half an hour of my assigned schedule. Like no other embassies that I visited, USA always overwhelmed me. Long queue of schedule interview is noticeable. I adjusted myself in the queue that goes inside the embassy. I followed the usual protocol inside the embassy.

When it was my turn to stand in one of the window to speak with Consulate Officers, I was asked for questions and answered promptly. There’s a question that I haven’t finished answering as the officer and he followed another question. He asked me which countries that I already visited and mentioned, Japan, South Korea and Australia. When I mentioned Australia, he checked my passport. Then, the officer checked my documents, he noticed about something in my guaranteed letter. The officer told me that he didn’t recognize the person signed my guaranteed letter. I was thinking what he’s trying to relay to me until I realized that there are only 3 people who are authorized to sign guaranteed letter and remembered the one signed in my document was not included in the three names that I know. I haven’t learned this until the officer gave me a green paper and advised me to submit it again. I thought my visa application will be denied again and thankful that there’s still chance.

I received the green paper and left the embassy. The next day I process the submission of the documents and included my passport. After a week, the passport sent to me and I got 10 years multiple entries for B1/B2 visa. I was really ecstatic that my visa application was approved for second time.

After few days that I received my visa, I was scheduled to fly to USA at the last day of October. I was planned to work in the client starting the 2nd of November and will work within 3 weeks.

My inbound flight was through Narita International Airport in Japan and Los Angeles International Airport in California USA. This means that my port of entry to USA is in LA. One thing to note as important facts about my entry in the said airport was because of the custom and immigration officer that I saw while I was on queue for passport check. At first, I did not notice how cute he was, but because it seems he’s in charge with people who speaks a different language, it seems he speaks Mexican-Spanish language. Until I looked at him and I realized that he’s not just cute but a handsome one. Because of him I never felt that my waiting time in the line was a bit long but I just enjoyed simply watching what he’s doing. I tried my best not to be obvious while I was sneaking a glance on him. He’s not a typical white American, I can guess he’s Mexican or Spanish-American. I wished that I will be standing in his front to check my passport but unfortunately someone went into him instead of me, it was not my luck to see him up close.

After passing the immigration officer, I have to take care of my luggage and work my way to transfer for domestic flight to Atlanta Georgia. All my flight booking were all Delta Airlines.

I arrived at Saturday night in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. And it’s been raining in Atlanta. I took the cab to the hotel that I was booked. Once I arrived at the hotel, I immediately checked-in, had dinner and concluded the day.

The next day was Sunday which was good for me so I can rest for another day. I was having trouble to properly sleep. I knew what it meant, it was a jet lag. I came from a country with 12-hours difference that day and will be switching to 13-hours difference as day light saving time had been ended. Because of rain and gloomy weather, though I wanted go outside to take an opportunity to see more about Altanta, but I wasn’t able to do. That time I haven’t figured out how I will use public transportation.

From the past 22 days of staying Atlanta, I wasn’t really able enjoy much of my days in the city because from the time that I arrived in Atlanta, it never stopped raining up to my 10th days in the city. The first weekend was spent in the hotel after I arrived, the second weekend was the same as still raining and drizzling around the city.

I only able to see some part of Atlanta during my last weekend before I come back to my country.

Hidden Panorama - USA Intro

Here are some places that I got a chance to visit.

1. World of Coca Cola
2. Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum
3. Georgia Aquarium
4. Fox Theatre
5. Peachtree Street
6. Pemberton Place
7. Centennial Olympic Park
8. Underground Atlanta
9. Margaret Mitchell House

Walking, Crawling and Climbing the Trail of Mount Mariveles – Tarak Ridge

I had vacation in my country last October 2010 since at that time I was still employed in Singapore. But to be honest the main reason I came back in my country after around 6 months (I had vacation last May 2010 too) was to sign a job offer for my next job back home. Yes, I returned to my home country to work (other people surprised because there are lots of Filipinos dreamed to work abroad and yet I am returning to my country). And I used the climb event as a reason when I requested for approval of my vacation leave so that I can return to the country without so much effort of reasoning.

The climbed that I joined in was a training climb for all the members of the group that will climb Mount Pulag which happened the following month as preparation since they took the difficult trail of the said mountain. I was not able to join that climbed as I went back to Singapore to formally submit my resignation letter to the company I was working with.

The climb happened last October 16-17, 2010 and the mountain  was Tarak Ridge. Before my flight back home in my country I informed the group that I will be joining the climb. I missed the group because I was away in my country for almost a year. I was both excited and worried because it’s been almost a year that I wasn’t climbing. As most of us knows that there’s no really mountain in Singapore aside from Mount Faber.

The whole group that joined the climbed met in 5 Star Bus Terminal in Cubao early Saturday morning . We took the bus that goes to Mariveles Bataan. After almost 3 hours of travel from Metro Manila to Bataan, we reached our destination and we got off the bus near the jump-off area which located in Barangay Alas-asin.


Barangay Alas-asin

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_002_

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_003_

Barangay Hall Alas-asin and nearby local stores (Photo Courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

When we reached the jump-off, we spent sometime in preparations (buying water, food and other essentials) and registrations in barangay hall before we started the formal trek. Then, we begun our journey to reached the base of the mountain. I remembered that the climb was still unique from the past mountains that I climbed. I cannot really compare every mountain. They are like human with distinct personality inside.

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_001_

The Group before the climb (Photo Courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)



Jump-off point before the start of the climb

At the start we had a long walk in a wide grassy plains before we reached the base of the mountain. Then it followed the forest trail. After a long walk, the real climbed started. The walk and trek up to Papaya River can be considered as the easiest part of the climb.

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The pathway to reach the base of the mountain

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The pathway to reach the base of the mountain (Photo Courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

Like every mountain that I climbed, we passed trails where there were rocks besides the trail. Most of the time, if I can pass the trail normally like walking while standing and does not require me to sit down it will be an easier one, I used big rocks to hold myself or sometimes I used to stepped on them.

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_009_

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_010_

The Group while waiting inside the forest before reaching Papaya River (Photo Courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)




The Group while waiting inside the forest before reaching Papaya River


At the forest trail

As I remembered Papaya River, it was one of the river that is still used by people as a main source of water in the area not only for household use but for safe source of fresh water to drink. Yes, we drank the water from the river. That was why when we rested a bit for lunch near the river, we were prohibited to use dish washing or any soap detergents when we were in Papaya River.

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_011_

At the forest before Papaya River (Photo Courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

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At Papaya River

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_025_

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_026_

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_029_

At Papaya River (Photo Courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

After lunch, our lead in the group gave us a heads-up that there were no more gradual trail ahead of us. This means that the trail all the way are all steep and it’s all assault. I was a bit nervous because I really don’t know what to expect. We got our backpack again and prepare for full assault climb.

The next trail we need to pass was the trail where the only way to do was to crawl to the roots of trees strayed and branched in the ground. Trekking pole cannot be used in the trail, both hands must be free from holding anything to be able to hold tightly the big roots while trying to push ourselves upward with the help of our feet. That moment of my climbed, I felt like we were spiders as we were crawling to the roots and branches of the trees, its similar to rappelling and the difference, we were not holding on to the rocks but were holding to the tree roots that we can grab on so we can hold on of ourselves while ascending in the trail as the roots were only our support.

I thought that the trail will never end. I reached the end of the assault trail. One of my group member experienced muscle cramps and it’s a good thing that before it become painful, he still able to reach the end of the assault trail. We advised him to rest a bit and one of us gave him pain reliever. We continued our trek, we carefully passed the narrow trail until we reached the campsite which near before the summit.

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_032_

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_034_

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_035_

Just after the crawling trail (Photo Courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

Tarak Ridge campsite is like an open area similar to Gulugod-Baboy mountain that I climbed. The summit is at the other side of the camp site. And for what I heard, the summit trail is not an easy task as well.

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Surroundings of the campsite before the summit

Like the most climbed I had, we pitched our tent so we have place to stay at the top of the mountain. Next thing happened, the group prepared for its dinner and followed by “socials” (group activity where most of the members were gathered together to talk and chat about anything) that the group always does if weather in the mountain permits us. After hours of “socials”, all of us concluded the day.

The next day, we woke up early to climbed the summit of the mountain. The good thing about it was, we don’t have our backpacks anymore. We left everything in our tent.

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On the way to the summit from the campsite (Photo Courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

We started our trek to the summit. Like what I heard, the trail was not simple, though there’s some difficulty along the way, the group safely reached the summit. It was a fulfilling task. I felt it was really great to be at the peak of the mountain again.

The common hikers does when it reached the summit were the same things we did. We spent time for photo shots, individual and group pictures. At the summit area, there’s a huge rock where it is slightly hanging and some of my group went there for a great individual shot.

We came back to the campsite and started our break camp. We had the last moment of group pictures with the summit and we started descending the mountain.

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Group Picture with the summit of the mountain (Photo Courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

We used the same trail when we climbed the mountain. Therefore we passed again the treacherous trail where we become a spider. And because we have backpacks it’s more challenging to go down as our bags scratching to the roots and branches in the ground. Even it was more difficult, we successfully passed the trail and reached Papaya River again. We used the place to rest a bit and refill our bottles for water. Then, we moved on and passed the grassy wide plains.

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_138_

phoca_thumb_l_SMB Tarak 2010_137_

Group Lunch (Photo Courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

After the climbed, we had lunch altogether and we had a great time going back to the city to return once again to the real life that we have.

Abeling Tribe Outreach and Mount Tangisan Side Trip Climb 

The mountaineering group that I belong did a lot of adventures, trips and climbs. Some were in abroad but mostly were within our beloved country. This group gave me a chance to see a lot of places, unforgettable and unique experiences.

Another type of adventure that the group involved with are doing outreach activity mostly to remote places. The group does it regularly, at least twice a year for the past recent years, which gives us a chance to give back something to community.

One of the outreach activity that I got a chance to join was the event held last June 30 – July 1 2012. The group selected a school in a remote community which located in the middle of vast farmlands in Tarlac. The event held in Sitio San Pedro Elementary School, Barangay Iba in San Jose, Tarlac.

I knew it’s been a long time when it happened, it was more than 4 years had passed but I still remember a bit something about it.

In every travel that I did with the mountaineering group I belong to, I usually join them. I never really got involved in planning. Honestly when roaming around my own country, I was not really good at it. The planning of itineraries are far more difficult compared to other countries. The planning does not only involve a research, it involved communication to people, groups or even individuals.  It requires network and connections to different people.

We traveled to the designated place of outreach. From Metro Manila, we took NLEX (North Luzon Expressway), followed by SCTEX (Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway). Then we exit at Luisita Access Road.

One of the thing that I cannot forget in this event was when we were on our way to Barangay Iba. We traveled a bit in a rough road and we took some rough roads in the middle of the farm (not a typical or common concrete road). For me it was an experience because I never really been inside the vehicle in middle of the farm. Yes, I saw farms or rice fields almost all around me, but never really drove in the middle of it. After a while, we reached a small community, the Abeling Tribe one of the indigenous community in my country where the school located which we planned to visit. I was surprised because I never thought that there was such community in the middle of rice fields. Most of the time, communities are near in main roads or local roads.

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Outreach Event Photos (Photos are not mine, photos courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

Every time the group does its outreach activity, the group usually prepares before the big day. The group does ocular to see the school and the people whom we will collaborate the event. Next, we solicit to friends, colleagues and some corporations for some voluntary funds which within the network of all members of the mountaineering group. Then, all the funds we received were audited as the mountaineering group is non-profit group. Everything is transparent to all members specially when we do this kind of activity. Finally, the group prepares activities for the outreach. In the planning, it involves creation of games and entertainments for children. It will follow by  providing food and giving school supplies. We also provided equipment that the school basically needs such as speakers or generators.

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Outreach Event Photos (Photos are not mine, photos courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

With these experiences with children that lives in provinces specially in remote places and all of them usually lives in poverty, during outreach, it feels something special part in my life. Sometimes I am thinking if there’s still better way to help them aside from what we were already doing. Then, somehow there’s sadness that I felt too because children in the city lives comfortably while the children we visited lives in frugality. But, I knew as well that’s the reality of life of communities that outside the major cities in my country. And the outreach activities that we did may not really address the problem but at least it alleviates some of the gaps that the government should be doing.

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Outreach Event Photos (Photos are not mine, photos courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

The next day, the group did a side trip activity which climbing the mountain just beside the community that we visited. The mountain we climbed was Mount Tangisan with an altitude of around 490 masl (meters above sea level).

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Climb Event Photos (Photos are not mine, photos courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

What I like about this mountain? First thing  was its trail (not too difficult), next was its altitude (just enough to see views from the ground), third was its location (located in open space) and finally the scenery at the top or the summit surrounded by farmlands.

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Climb Event Photos (Photos are not mine, photos courtesy of SMB Mountaineering Group)

I really enjoyed the activities that includes both of outreach and nature adventure, I felt both alive. It is one of the contentment that I treasure in my life.

Photos that I captured while at the summit of Mount Tangisan

Live in a Dreamworld for a Day (Universal Studios – Osaka)

It was around 4PM in the afternoon, we were set to travel from Hiroshima to Kyoto. We spent at least 1.5 days in Hiroshima and so far we enjoyed the adventure we had. When the time that we were moving again to another destination in Japan, distance between these two prefectures seems not an issue. Transportation is one of the great thing that we enjoyed within Japan specially their trains. We traveled to Kyoto Station through Shinkansen train from Hiroshima Station and we only traveled more than 2 hours between two stations.

We arrived at Kyoto past 6:30PM and we met the AirBnB host of the accommodation that I booked online at Mc Donalds in Kyoto Station. He’s a young  man and a business student Japanese who owns a small two-storied unit near the Kyoto Station. We walked from Kyoto Station around 5 minutes and we reached his house. His unit just recently renovated and even it has only basic stuff in his house, we still enjoyed our three nights stay in his unit. He speaks English very well and I don’t have issues in communications with him.

After meeting him, my sister and I left my parents in the unit to buy our dinner for the night. And then we came back in the house and had our dinner. We took off some of our stuffs so we can do our laundry. Then had a rest for the day.

The next day was Thursday and the original plan for that day is to explore Nara. But my sister requested it to change since she like Universal Studios in Osaka than in Nara. Nara is my preference because I really like old town and historical places but I gave way to my sister since I can return in Japan within my 5 years visa that was given to me and my family just had single entry visa.

Because we have 7 days Japan Rail Pass, we can choose to take Shikansen train from Kyoto to Osaka Station but that day we never tried because I thought that if we took Shinkansen its better if we book it prior to our travel, but since I did not book it even though there are seats for chance passengers for unreserved seat I chose the regular train instead. I really don’t know what I was thinking that time and we traveled more than half an hour from Kyoto to Osaka. If we took Shinkansen, it maybe only around 15 minutes. We still took JR trains and our train pass still valid for our travel. We reached Osaka Station. Then we transferred to a local train from Osaka Station that goes directly to JR Universal City Station.

When we reached the JR Universal City Station the heavy rain fell. From the station we were still able to walk near the main entrance of the theme park which called as Universal City Walk and the area is surrounded by different shopping stores where our eyes enjoying the sight-seeing while walking along the way. Before we bought the ticket, we went the nearby store  and bought our rain coat. Even its raining there are lots of people visiting the famous park. For my sister and I, it’s a second Universal Studios that we visited. The first one was in Singapore.

We lined in ticketing queue and bought our tickets. Even the weather was quite gloomy, our excitement never gone. In a theme park like Universal Studios, I felt like being a kid again. It’s kind of place that I forget reality of life for a moment, it’s a place where to enjoy regardless of age.

Here’s the one day adventure we had in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.


From the main entrance we walked in the main road together with other many visitors. While walking around the theme park, stopping in some areas for a photo snapshot was already part of the adventure. Using the map that was given to us, we started looking at it and exploring the theme park.


Our first stop was photo shots at the front of Cinema 4D wherein the available shows listed at the front of the theater were the following: Shrek’s Adventure 4D and Sesame Street 4D Movie Magic.


4D Cinema


Looking at the theme park map




Walking photos



Next, we move forward towards Space Fantasy and again we took photos of around the area.




NEW YORK – Themed after New York City

After few minutes, we found ourselves inside the Terminator 2 3-D, where it combines actors and movie effects to be are part of the movie. As we seat and watch, we enjoyed the action packed 3D movie and made us feel it’s real as we were part of it.



After watching the Terminator 2, we went outside and realized that the other side is Gramercy Park where we found a replica of Universal Globe stage




Near Gramercy Park is The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man





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Surroundings of New York


We had lunch in one of the restaurant in New York named Louie’s NY Pizza Parlor Restaurant. We spent almost an hour before we continued our exploration in the movie theme park.




SAN FRANCISCO – Based on the city of San Francisco

Beside New York  is San Francisco. The settings of the area got from the city of San Francisco.

After walking a bit in New York, we reached San Francisco. How I wish in reality New York and San Francisco are just beside each other but in reality it’s not, for what I know its four hours flight apart. In Universal Studios, they are beside each other. We just took a few steps from New York, we were already in San Francisco. The first thing that greeted us was the Minions, then we walk towards the ‘Backdraft’ from a movie and we found Happiness Cafe, The Dragon’s Pearl, Wharf Cafe and Lombard’s Landing that surrounds the pier .








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One of the rides that we took in San Francisco was the “Back To The Future – Ride”. Here the whole family join the ride. Of course we consider my mother as she is not used to ride but since its a car, I got a feeling that its more comfortable than the other rides. The experience we had in the rides together with my mother which not used to the said adventure, she’s really nervous and all of us tried to comfort her and made her feel relax. During the ride, I cannot forget her reactions and responses while we were in the ride, she’s really scared and surprised in the whole duration of the rides and in effect, I tried my best to reassured her that we were there for her and she can hold us to make her feel secure during the adventure.



From San Francisco, we passed the Jurassic Park area because at the time we visited, the area was under renovations. We also passed the Amity Village and Water World for the mean time. Therefore, we walked straight towards the most famous area of the theme park which is “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” one of the newest attractions that Universal Studios is offering.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

When we reached the location near the entrance, there were some crew whose checks the time entry ticket to confirm the time entrance of the visitor in “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And we were a bit of surprised since we do not have one. And I inquired with some crew and advised us get the ticket at the booth. At that time, we don’t know where is the ticket booth. We walked back to the entrance and for some reason we queued in one line at the right side of the entrance and never even checked the ticket. I think they checked the time entry ticket to control the number of people in the attractions since a lot of people coming to that attraction.





Even we haven’t had the ticket, we still managed to get inside the attraction. We were so grateful that we found the attraction since the area made us feel that we were really in the world of Harry Potter. The place are set with the ambiance of the Harry Potter movie which includes the village of the wizards and the famous Hogwarts Castle. Because we were too late to get time entry ticket when we entered the theme park, we only got a chance to see the area. We never got a chance to take the ride of the “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in 4K3D” which I considered the most famous ride in the theme park. From the entrance of the attractions, we grab the chance to take pictures together as family as our souvenir in the place. Then, we walked around the village to see more, we found diners and restaurants available inside the village.

















Some snapshots inside the village of the wizards

Our walks continued until we reach where most people go, the Hogwarts Castle. Near the gate, we found some group of look-alike wizards, singing like a choir which entertains people. If we saw a lot of people in the village there are far more at the vicinity of the castle. There are lots of people waiting in the queue. If other attractions just have at least few minutes to less than an hour of waiting time, its different in “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in 4K3D”, because the waiting time is at least 3 hours. And I looked at my watched and we were running out of time but still we eager to go inside the ride. I told my family to stay and wait for me so I can checked the booth and taking my chance if I can still get ticket for the ride. I went outside the attraction and looked for the booth. I found the ticket but unfortunately it’s already closed. My hope was gone and I can’t do anything about it. Universal Studios Japan was the second Universal Studios that I visited, the first one was in Singapore, but it’s quite different from what I remembered, we were not aware about the ticketing in the machine so you have the timings when to visit the ride. I never remembered there was such thing in Singapore when I visited last 2013, but its more than two years and there could be a lot of changes happened in the theme park. If only we were aware, we might prioritize the Harry Potter attractions among those attractions we found in the theme park. Because we lost our chance in the ride, what we did was to go around the attraction and took pictures as long as we can. That’s how we enjoyed “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”









Hogwarts Castle Snapshots




Side views of Hogwarts Castle


There were two major areas we just passed and we just took souvenir photos in the place as the time we had in the park became limited because we need to go somewhere else in the evening. These two attractions are Amity Village where movie JAWS ride can be found and WATER WORLD.





The last but not the least area we visited was Universal Wonderland. As you can see, these attractions are mostly for young children as the concept were design for wholesome and family alike adventures. Not all rides of course are available for adult but there were rides which allows children with adult company. But we enjoyed the area as we had fun in attractions such as Hello Kitty’s Cupcake Dream rides and Hello Kitty’s Ribbon Collection



Flying Snoopy


Inside Hello Kitty’s Ribbon Collection



Hello Kitty’s Fashion Avenue


Big Bird’s Big Top Circus

Elmo’s Little Drive near Moppy’s Balloon Trip ride (at the back)


Big Bird’s Big Top Circus and Moppy’s Balloon Trip ride


As we leave Universal Studios, we had a chance to take some time and appreciate the surrounding areas, because at the time we were on our way to the theme park, we missed to see how fascinating the area can be due to rain.



Universal City Walk (towards Universal City Station)

As we experience the theme park and as we tried some of the rides. We had some delayed understanding while roaming around the park regarding the rides entrance. There’s a priority ticket which bypass most of the queues. For a regular ticket which we just understand a bit of late wherein in every rides, there’s entrance reservation kiosks where you have to reserved for the next scheduled entry. We were able to follow the rules in few rides but we missed to do it in one of the most visited, one of the newest and exciting ride in the theme park which is Harry Potter. But even though that was the case, we still enjoyed Universal Studios Osaka.