Monthly Archives: November 2016

Magnificent Historical Victorian Arcades – Melbourne Walking Tour – Part 7

Because Australia has been colony of Great Britain, it is not surprising to see some of its buildings or structures significantly influenced by European architectural designs. When I came to Melbourne, there is an impression that the city made on me. I actually call the city as a European City Down Under. My own reason was when I lived in Melbourne, I

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Yarra River And Sports Precinct – Melbourne Walking Tour – Part 6

Most Australians loves sports and one of the sports that they love is footy (football). As far as I remembered, the footy seasons starts at fall (March) and ends in winter (September) season. Footy is common buzzword in Australia. Because I came from a country where the popular sports is basketball, I am not familiar nor do I understand the rules of

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St Kilda Road – My Home Road in Melbourne – Melbourne Walking Tour – Part 5

I lived in Melbourne for more than 1.5 years, St Kilda Road became my home road. Wondering why? I used to pass this road back and forth in my daily travel while living in the city because the service apartment that I stayed-in is located along this road. I remembered the first time I arrived in the hotel-service apartment, I

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