Chromatic Outlook : No. 49 George Street

Chromatic Outlook (Post#27) : No. 49 George Street

The building was once home of Melbourne’s first surveyor, Robert Russell in 1865. Photo is part of East Melbourne Historical Houses and Building Collection 2013.


Robert Rusell is an architect and surveyor, active in Australia. He conducted the first survey of the site of the nascent settlement of Melbourne on the banks of the Yarra River in 1836, and designed St James Old Cathedral, the oldest building remaining in central Melbourne (albeit not on its original site). He was also a prolific and talented artist and his work is held by major libraries and galleries in Australia.

Reference: Wikipedia

Structure : Cairns Memorial Presbyterian Church

Structure (Post#6) : Cairns Memorial Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian church built in 1895 but due to fire happened in 1988 where the shell of the building are the only remains, it was converted into luxury apartments. Photo is part of East Melbourne Historical Houses and Building Collection 2013.


Still Expression : World of Coca-Cola’s The Vault – Queuing and Waiting

Still Expression (Post#4) : World of Coca-Cola’s The Vault – Queuing and Waiting

I am not skilled photographer but was able to take stolen shots of people unintentionally, the photo clearly shows the reality of the expression of people without pretensions. This photo was captured while I am trying to take a shot of the entrance to The Vault. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Colors : Coca-Cola Beverages

Colors (Post#4) : Coca-Cola Beverages

During my visit in World of Coca-cola, inside Milestone of Refreshment, I found these different products that Coca-Cola produced. This photo shows that the company tries to invent beverages after discovering the first cola last 1886. It shows how the company tries to innovate their drinks for more than a century now. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Chromatic Outlook : 1939 Chevrolet Delivery Truck

Chromatic Outlook (Post#26) : 1939 Chevrolet Delivery Truck

One of the city in Europe like Buenos Aires in Argentina, where streets are mostly narrows and constricted, Reginald Lee family had custom order of the 1939 Chevrolet Panel Van to be able to deliver Coca-Cola drinks in the city. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.



1939 Chevrolet delivery truck in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visiting and Exploring World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta? What can you Expect?

I was in USA for the first time and only by myself due to professional assignment. But we know that even we travel because of business reason in one place, we all try to grab our chance for fun if possible. We all have different ways how we define having fun while traveling, right? But for me, I define ‘fun’ by seeing and enjoying the place where I currently am. The fun that I am referring to was when I went out to see the museum of famous bottling company in the world – World of Coca-Cola during one of the weekends that I was in Atlanta last November 2015.

If you are visiting by driving directly to the museum, this post will not be able to give tips, but if you are traveling through public transportation, below experiences may help how to go to World of Coca-Cola.

It was Saturday morning, I left my hotel near Atlanta Airport and I took hotel shuttle to reach Airport Station, one of the train station within MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) Train. And from Airport Station, I got off at Peachtree Center Station. From the station I turned right and walked along Peachtree Street – one of the famous street in Atlanta.

1. Walk a bit in a Quiet CBD of Atlanta during Weekends

Walking from the Peachtree Center Station, I felt a bit surprised because the downtown of Atlanta seems to be so quiet even it’s almost lunch time on Saturday. I felt a deafening silence around the place while walking along the street. When I reached Baker Street NW I turned left and followed the road as shown in Triposo app in my mobile phone. From Peachtree Street, I passed two more street. I reached Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW, where I saw clearly the name of the famous Coca-Cola, which means that I found the place that I was going to be and made me felt that I was in the right place.

When I saw a group of people going to World of Coca-Cola, I felt relieved, why? Because from Peachtree Center Station, I haven’t seen a lot of people and it made me felt that I was in a ghost town. Wandering if I was really in Atlanta CBD, I thought it will be a busy city but it’s not. That feeling reminded me when I was in Edmonton downtown in Alberta Canada which the same as CBD where people were gone at weeknights and weekends leaving the downtown as an empty place.

2. Adore Surrounding Place of Museum as it Stands in a Strategic Tourist Location




I stopped at the front of World of Coca-Cola which is a corner of Baker St NW and Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW where I grabbed my chance to take a picture of its name. Before I reached the entrance of World of Coca-Cola, I felt a bit of excitement as I look at my surroundings. At the front of World of Coca-Cola is the Georgia Aquarium and beside the aquarium is Human Rights Museum. At the other side of Baker Street NW, the Centennial Olympic Park can be found. I felt good at that time because I was surrounded by places for enjoyment and to for discovery using my camera.


For this post, I focus on my discovery inside the World of Coca-Cola. I bought bundled tickets which also includes the aquarium and the museum ticket. Since I was a foreigner (meaning I do not live in USA), I was prioritized at the entrance.

3. Be Excited, Have Fun and Enjoy the Time Inside the World of Coca-Cola

Lobby – The Entrance Hallway

I went inside and lined-up with the group of people. Here I saw the information desk where I get the map of the museum. Because of many people lined-up in a queue for the next door, I haven’t able to capture some photos here where some Coca-Cola bottle sculptures are being displayed. We waited for few minutes until we allowed to enter as signal that our journey within the World of Coca-Cola will be started.



Loft – First Stop and the Beginning of the Discovery

Since I was one of the last person entered in our group, I heard someone speaking and I wanted to see who was it. I walked and reached the front area where I can see clearly the speaker. I forgot her name and then she started asking the visitors. First, she recognized the visitors by asking first who are guests came from outside USA. People raising their hands and she asked one by one to find out which countries the visitor came from. A lot already answered her and I waited my chance, I raised my hand and answered I came from Philippines. Next, she asked the visitors came within USA. And did the same thing, they mentioned which state or city they came from. The atmosphere in the group were both warm and joyful. All I can say was, most of the visitors of the museum are coming from different parts of the world. I felt that everyone were enjoying while listening to the speaker. The speaker made introductions and started telling the history of Coca-Cola. After few minutes of intros and summary about the giant bottling company in the world, the speaker advised us to take our time while discovering the museum.


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Coca-Cola Theater

After enjoying our time listening to the introduction and summary history of the bottling company, at the next door which is a theater, we watched ‘Moments of Happiness’ film which showcasing happiness of different people with variety of races around the world and also depicts different moments of laughter and triumphs. The short film accompanied by good feeling music ‘On Top of the World’ from Imagine Dragons which is one of my favorite band at the moment. After I watched it, the feeling and the mood and I believed it was not only me but the other visitors like me has the same feeling. I applaud the company for making such effort and being able to capture the genuine happiness that people really feel in real life.

The Hub

The Hub or the central hub of the museum has two levels where exhibit displays and historical artifacts of the bottling company includes: Coca-Cola Polar Bear, Vault of the Secret Formula, Milestones of Refreshment, Bottle Works, 4-D Theater, Pop Culture Gallery, Perfect Pauses Theater,  Taste It! and Coca-Cola Store.


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Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Part 1


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Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Another door has been opened to us after watching the short film, I felt more excited. I know that I am exploring museum but I am enjoying my time so far. First thing that I saw was the grand stair to the second floor which located at the middle. At first, I did not notice the Polar Bear character, I saw the bear while I am in queue to enter the Vault of the Secret Formula. I realized that the Polar Bear character was there for photo sessions with the visitors and there was a queue for it. I decided that I will visit the polar bear as my last adventure inside the museum.

Part 2

After visiting Perfect Pauses Theatre, I went straight to Coca-Cola Polar Bear, like other people, I lined-up in a queue to have my chance for a photo of the polar bear. Though it’s just a character, people still enjoying for a quick photo shots with the iconic polar bear.


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Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Vault of the Secret Formula

We know that one of the major reason of success of Coca-Cola company in the world is because of what they called Secret Formula. We know that many attempted and probably still trying to steal the secret formula behind the most successful cola company in the world. From its door, everyone gets excited as we saw the Vault door, it felt like there is gold inside that we can have a chance to see and to touch.

One thing that I observed in my overall visit within the vault were the lights effects used to artfully display information, archives and artifacts about the bottling company history. Personally, reading through all the stuff inside the vault made me overwhelm at first because I never thought that Coca-Cola has so much on its history. But when I realized its beginning during my round, I was amazed about what I learned on what happened in the famous cola company.

Here’s some of the highlights of my discovery.

1886 – when the New Beverage called Coca-Cola has been introduced by Atlanta Pharmacist John S. Pemberton


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1888 – majority of interest sold to ASA G. Candler by Pemberton and the same person took over the control of the business after Pemberton’s death


1891 – Asa G. Candler become the sole owner of secret formula, its trademark and its right along with it.

Candler only trusted the formula to himself and led the people the way to produce the syrup without knowing the ingredients

$2300 – Candler paid to acquire formula and all rights of the Coca-Cola

1919 – Candler’s family sold the Coca-Cola company for $25 million to Atlanta banker Ernest Woodruff through a loan and the secret formula used as its most valuable collateral



The formula’s stayed in New York for six years, sealed away in the Guaranty Banks Vault

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1925 – Board of Directors passes a resolution, placing the secret formula of the Coca-Cola in a bank vault at the Trust Company Bank (now SunTrust Bank) in Atlanta

2011 – The Secret formula moved to vault at the grounds of the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta where its remains in public display


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The Vault of Secret Formula

Milestone of Refreshment

This part of the museum is not only telling us stories but showcasing physical archives of the colorful history of the most famous bottling company in the world.


Creating A Classic

Shows how Pemberton able to invent the Coca-Cola in his modest laboratory and the soda fountain which used initially to distribute Coca-Cola




Soda Fountain

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From A Beverage To A Brand

With the help of Frank Robinson to advertise the new beverage, the same person whom created the Coca-Cola script (logo) which become brand.



Coca-Cola Script and Frank Robinson

A Brand Becomes A Business

Asa Candler launched marketing activities for Coca-Cola and considered to be a true marketing pioneer.


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1939 Chevrolet delivery truck in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Birth Of The Bottling System

Three businessmen in Chattanooga, Tennessee named Benjamin Thomas, Joseph Whitehead and John Lupton bought the exclusive rights to bottle and sell Coca-Cola for 1$ from Candler which made a tremendous effect to the company and help the business to make it global.


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An Icon Like No Other

Coca-Cola bottlers sponsored a contest with a goal “Create bottle for Coca-Cola as original as its taste” where Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana won the challenge in 1915. Presently, that winning contour bottle is one of the most recognized icons in the world.


Changing The Face Of Advertisement

When people becoming familiar with Coca-Cola, more and more advertisements created that depicts that the Coca-Cola become part of our lifestyle that seems to be our natural companion. That really made Coca-Cola as successful product and brand.


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Citizen of the World

The famous Coca-cola was even successful in expanding the business outside US. In my country Philippines, Bottle operations started in 1912 which is the first expansion of the company in Asia.

Coke Adds Life

When the company started sponsoring Olympic games and even local sporting events and musical festivals, through the partnership it made, the Coca-Cola able to make their brand and product as part of winnings and celebration events.


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Path To Innovation

Even the company experiencing great success on its first cola, it tries to create new product where we had seen that some become instant hit to the people but never last for a long time. With this, Coca-cola still tries to continue to innovate to be able to address our changing taste at changing time.



Bottle Works

After learning so much of colorful history of Coca-Cola, I visited the Bottle Works where everyone can see and appreciate how the company does their bottling process.


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4-D Theater

I got a chance to experience their 4-D movie theater where anyone can watch the science-comedy short film about looking the secret formula.


Pop Culture Gallery

As I visited the museum as solo traveler, I enjoyed the place called Pop Culture Gallery because in this place, I got a chance to have a photo with myself in the museum. Though I have to pay for it, one thing that was great its a beautiful spot to take pictures of yourself and with family too.


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Perfect Pauses Theater

I passed a bit in a small theater called “Perfect Pauses Theater” where I got a chance to watched some advertising videos of Coca-Cola.


Taste It!

I had fun in this area and I bet all of the visitors felt the same way. Why? Because this is the place where everyone can taste to hearts content all the cola or soda that the company  invented from all over the world.



Coca-Cola Store

I think most of the museum has a store and I bought few souvenirs from here.

1. Plan to visit World of Coca-Cola? – Please check latest information here
2. Entrance Fee – Please check here
3. Public Transportation Ticket – Use MARTA Breese Card,  here’s the official website, here’s alternative site for the card
4. Directions to World of Coca-Cola (Atlanta) using train :
If you will ride within Red Line or Gold Line regardless which station you will come from, just remember to get-off at Peachtree Center Station.
If you will ride in any of Blue or Green Line, you are required to transfer at Five Points Station and take Red or Gold Line and get off at Peachtree Center Station.


Discovery : Vault of the Secret Formula

Discovery (Post#6) : Vault of the Secret Formula

As we know that Coca-Cola company has been guarded their secret formula over centuries using bank’s vault. Last 2011, their secret formula has been moved to the vault within the museum which is being displayed in the public eye. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


In The Middle of Somewhere : World of Coca-Cola – Taste It!

In The Middle of Somewhere (Post#5) : World of Coca-Cola – Taste It!

One of the places that I enjoyed because all Coca-Cola products from around the world can be tasted here for free. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Discovery : Soda Fountain

Discovery (Post#5) : Soda Fountain

At the beginning time of Coca-Cola company, the way to distribute the beverage was through the Soda Fountain. Coca-Cola is just one of the flavors that the machine can dispense as it is capable to dispense many and different flavors. This means that at the beginning, people who wanted to drink Coca-Cola, has to visit or go to the store where there is Soda Fountain that offers it. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Life Of Others : Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Life Of Others (Post#5): Coca-Cola Polar Bear

I know that I used to take photos of other forms of life in this theme of my photos, but for this one, the subject is not real polar bear but just a character. I include this photo here since it’s in animal form like. This Polar Bear become an icons used by Coca-Cola company which became hit to the people during the start of its advertising when it was introduced in the commercial “Northern Lights” in 1993. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Name Of The Place : World of Coca-Cola

Name Of The Place (Post#25) : World of Coca-Cola

World of Coca-Cola, one of the museum that I had a chance to visit while I was in Atlanta for at least 3 weeks. I did enjoy my visits in this famous bottling company in the world.  This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Structure : Shrine of Remembrance

Structure (Post#5) : Shrine of Remembrance

Shrine of Remembrance is the National Memorial War of Victoria, dedicated initially to people who served in armed conflicts such as war. But presently, the shrine also used to commemorate the people who are even in active duty to serve the country. The snapshots captured last July 2013, as part of my photo collection of the shrine.



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Another post related to shrine showing about my walking tour in this magnificent memorial structure.

5 Captivating Facts about Shrine of Remembrance – Melbourne Walking Tour – Part 8

Well, it’s more than a month since the last time I published my last article here. Got been busy and in other things of my life and never got a chance to write my travel adventure recently. To start with since this is my first travel post for the year 2017, I would like to greet everyone a great new year where it’s very traditional to start a new. I know all of you guys out there has at least something to start off and same with me here, I hope all of us has a brand and blessed new year.

For this article, I had already drafted this last year, more than two months ago but I never got a chance to finished it immediately. This post still a continuation of my walking tour adventure in Melbourne which happened more than 3 years ago. I am writing this to remember all the places that I visited in one of the city that I lived for a time being before it will be gone to my memory either because of time passing or because of ageing, and without further ado, here it is.


One of the interesting and distinguishable structure to see along St Kilda Road not far from Melbourne CBD is Shrine of Remembrance.

Shrine of Remembrance is one of my interest to visit and explore while in Melbourne, not only because of its noticeable architectural design but because some history of Australia can be discovered inside the building. Even though I used to pass the building in my daily travel, I wasn’t able to visit it immediately until I decided to explore it one day in July 2013.


Shrine of Remembrance

During the time of my visit, some portion of the building are not accessible due to renovations happening for the preparation of ANZAC centennial anniversary.

Here are the following interesting facts to learn about Shrine of Remembrance at the time of my visit.

1. Built in 1928 to 1934

Its take a while before the construction has been started after the design competition of the building happened in 1922. There was even controversy happened regarding its design which resolved by General Sir John Monash. And one thing that interest me for its construction was the fund used to build the shrine where it came from donations from people and from government.

Historically, the shrine was objectively built to commemorate the Victorian volunteers fought in World War I (1914-1918). Learning this fact earns a respect to me for Victorian people in Australia because they really showed through this building how they gave high regards, values and respects to those people who served and died for war. At present time, the building also serves to honor the people in service for the country.

2. Gallery of Medals – Displaying 4000 Medals

I arrived in the building a bit earlier before the scheduled free tour that I joined in the afternoon that day. While waiting, I came across the part of the gallery that shows different medals, they call it Gallery of Medals or Wall of Medals. In the wall, it mentioned over 4000 replica service medals with different titles of the awards.


Section of the Gallery of Medals

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Different Titles of Medal Awards

3. Remembrance Day – November 11 at 11 AM

On the free tour that I joined, there is an important thing that I learned which was part of my curiosity that has been answered. Aside from ANZAC celebration which being done every year in the shrine, another important day is remembered in the shrine which they call it as Remembrance Day. The day is the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the time of the Armistice which ended World War 1 in 1918, a very meaningful day in the history of world.

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Stone of Remembrance at the Sanctuary



Great Stepped Pyramidal Dome

Ray of Light from small aperture of the pyramid ceiling which falls directly at the Stone of Remembrance



Marble Ionic Columns

4. Inspired by Ancient Greek Mausoleum and Temple

By looking at the building structure and its design, anyone can immediately noticed that its somewhat ancient and unique. The reason behind it was because Shrine of Remembrance has been inspired by Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and Parthenon in Athens where both are significant in world history of architecture.

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5. Designed by World War I Veterans and Architects

This point really amazes me. The architects of the building were Philip B. Hudson and James H. Wardrop from Melbourne who won in the competition happened in 1922 were actual veterans itself whom returned soldier from war. I can sense how these architects understands the rightful honor and respects to give to the people who served the country not only in war but even at home.

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The following facts above are not the only things to discover in the building, there are more to discover and I leave it to your curiosity to discover it. For people who enjoy history, I can recommend its one for you, so if you have a chance to see the Shrine of Remembrance while visiting Melbourne, it’s a worth to visit.

Below are the other things to enjoy while walking around Shrine of Remembrance.

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To the Balconies

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Ceremonial Avenue looking towards Melbourne City

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View from the Balconies (towards St Kilda and towards the city)


Pyramidal Dome


WORLD WAR II MEMORIAL (includes Forecourt, Cenotaph, Eternal Flame and flagpoles)






Eternal Flame





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1. Plan to visit Shrine of Remembrance ? – Please check latest information here
2. Free Guided Tour available – Please check Guided Tours
3. Public Transportation Ticket – Use Myki (Melbourne Ticketing System), please check here for more details
4. Directions to Shrine of Remembrance (Melbourne) :
Use tramTracker Apps or even just Google Maps (use directions) and there are 8 tram routes available (Route: 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72) and get off at Stop 19 – Shrine of Remembrance.
If you don’t have smart phone to download Apps, I recommend to go to Visitors Center at Federation Square and get one of the Yarra Tram brochure where you can find all tram routes in Melbourne.

Arts and Craft : World War II Memorial – Cenotaph Sculpture By George Allen

Arts and Craft (Post#3) : World War II Memorial – Cenotaph Sculpture By George Allen

Within the area of Shrine of Remembrance, there are lots of sculpture are displayed which depicts the bravery and brotherhood of soldiers at war. This sculpture at the top of the Cenotaph which stands at the forecourt captured my attention and admired it more when I discovered that the statuary shows six men in the uniforms of the three Australian services – Navy, Army, and Air Force carrying a bier on which lies the figure of the dead comrade draped with Australian National Flag. It symbolizes the debt of the living to the dead, the eternal bond between the fallen and those who enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice.