Discovery : Council House 2 (CH2) Windows

Discovery (Post#8) : Council House 2 (CH2) Windows

During my tour within this building, I learned one of the best feature that this building has to offer compared with other regular office building not only in Melbourne but probably in the world is its windows. The building windows has double glaze, it has timber window frames (where timber is known as lower conductor heat to lessen the ‘heat bridge’ effect).

Head Bridge Effect – A thermal bridge, also called a cold bridge or heat bridge, is an area of an object (frequently a building) which has a significantly higher heat transfer than the surrounding materials resulting in an overall reduction in thermal insulation of the object or building. Reference: Wikipedia

There are recycled timber shutters as well that protects the building from the late afternoon sun, enable views out of the building and natural light to enter the building.  Other windows at the other side (no photos available) participates in nightly purge (opens at night until morning) to release the heat inside the building.

The western facade windows (second picture) with plants shown below has been designed as well to able to provide natural lights which participate in conserving the energy cost that the building will pay. What a brilliant idea !!! These photos are part of Council House 2 Photo Collection captured last July 2013.





218-240 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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