Discovery : Council House 2 (CH2) – Vaulted Concrete Ceilings

Discovery (Post#9) : Council House 2 (CH2) – Vaulted Concrete Ceilings

The vaulted concrete ceilings of each floor in Council House 2 building has its purpose on its own. These concrete ceilings provides cooling ventilation in a specific time of the day to maintain the comfortable temperature inside the offices. How does these concrete ceilings able to do that? As Council House 2 has its night purge which happens at 1AM up to 5AM, where windows are open to cool down the internal air and thick concrete ceilings to release the heat that it received during the day, since concrete ceilings has been cooled during night purge, it keep the cool temperature in the morning until noon which is a natural process of cooling system. A very cheap way to cool the environment. These photos are part of Council House 2 Photo Collection captured last July 2013.


218-240 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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