Provincial Legislature Building – Edmonton (Part 3)

Part 3 of Edmonton City Posts

Twilight : Manly Beach

Twilight (Post#6) : Manly Beach

When I visited Manly Beach, it’s already dark, therefore I haven’t seen it in day light. Due to limited time, I had been content in walking in the beach at night. The was named by Captain Arthur Phillip describes the indigenous people’s with confidence and manly behaviour and named it as ‘Manly Cove’. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Theme : Beach – Coogee Beach

Theme (Post#9) : Beach – Coogee Beach

The last beach I reached for the walking trail that I took is Coogee Beach. The volume of people I found in Bondi seems to be similar in Coogee. And seeing people in the beach, everyone was having a great time. The name of Coogee is said to be taken from a local Aboriginal word “koojah” which means “smelly place”. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Walking Around Sydney

After writing lots of post for Melbourne (though I still have lots in my plates for Melbourne and Victoria State), now I am moving to Sydney for the mean time where I also enjoyed a walking tour. I had been in Sydney for 4 times while I was in Australia. But some of those were just peeking and passing. If you had a chance to read some of my post for Melbourne, I mentioned that I only travel every weekend or public holiday. Why? Because I was in Australia for work and not for holiday, that’s why I grab my chance to go around the country most of the time during weekend or holiday.

And maybe you are wondering, I had been 4 times in Sydney which means I went to many places within the city, but on the contrary I had visited just few places. The first ever I landed in Sydney was during the time that I attended Music Collaboration activity and stayed in the city for at least 33 hours which happened second week of April 2013.

After two weeks, second trip happened when I joined Blue Mountains and Jenolan Cave tour for a day and I logically stayed in Sydney for 11 hours. Third trip to the city, was during my visit to Canberra for a day tour on June in the same year since its more expensive to fly directly from Melbourne to Canberra and again I spent 11 hours in the city which mostly in the airport and accommodation.

During my forth and my last travel in the city which happened last April 2014, I dedicated the trip only to to see Sydney. The plan were walk around the city in some popular areas like Opera House and Circular Quay for the second time. Next, was the walked inside Queen Victoria Building. Then followed by an adventure walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. And last but not the least was a night walk in Manly Beach.

Here’s the list of places all combined from all my walking trips to the city that I had a chance to see in this incredible metropolis down under that so popular in the world and always thought to be the capital city of Australia, even myself made that mistake before.

  1. Queen Victoria Building IMG_4496
  2. Sydney Beaches
    1. Bondi Beach IMG_4657
    2. Tamarama Beach IMG_4735
    3. Bronte Beach IMG_4744
    4. Clovelly Beach IMG_4766
    5. Gordons Bay IMG_4771
    6. Coogee Beach IMG_4779
    7. Manly Beach IMG_4819
  3. Opera House and Circular Quay – First Glimpse P1080225
  4. Opera House and Circular Quay – Second Time
    1. Opera House IMG_4577
    2. Circular Quay IMG_4604
    3. Sydney Harbour Bridge IMG_4624
  5. Darling Harbour P1080955

Some of the place included a post link which means there is a published article for that specific place. For the rest that link is not available,  write-up will be coming soon.

Theme : Beach – Gordons Bay

Theme (Post#8) : Beach – Gordons Bay

This is one of the beach that quite unique because its not similar to the beaches that I found in my walk as this one is where The Gordons Bay Underwater Nature Trail can be found which is the spot for self-guided for snorkeling and scuba diving adventures. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Theme : Beach – Clovelly Beach

Theme (Post#7) : Beach – Clovelly Beach

So far, I already enjoyed three beaches, my walks hasn’t stopping yet. As I see the walking trail still there, my pace continues. I was amazed about the trail. And I still surprised after I found the fourth beach in front of me and that is Clovelly Beach. The beach was known as Little Coogee and renamed after the village of Clovelly on the north Devon coast, England. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Theme : Beach – Bronte Beach

Theme (Post#6) : Beach – Bronte Beach

So my walk continues after passing Tamarama Beach. I never expected that the walk will give me a chance to see different beaches in Sydney. I admired the city as it does not have only one beach near the metropolis but more than that. Anyone can immediately see a different sceneries aside from city buildings by just few kilometers driving from it. The name of the beach was came from Duke of Bronte, military figure Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Theme : Beach – Tamarama Beach

Theme (Post#5) : Beach – Tamarama Beach

After enjoying my walk around and after appreciating the fascinating views of Bondi Beach, my pace moved forward not knowing what’s next to see or discover. Then, I saw another shore similar to Bondi but smaller one. And I saw there were people swimming, surfing and just lying on the ground beach enjoying the sun. I just reached Tamarama Beach in Waverly an eastern suburb of Sydney. Tamarama came from aboriginal word ‘Gamma Gamma’ which means ‘Storm’. The beach is also considered the most dangerous patrolled beach in New South Wales. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


3 Best Time of the Year to Visit Melbourne For Less

Who does not like or love to travel? Anybody? Well most of us definitely wanted to travel once or forever. But traveling to different places affected us most of the time by a major factor which is money. If we can travel for less its better right? Even myself, I always think of a way to travel in a budget, unless we will get someone to sponsor us to our adventures.

While staying in Melbourne for more than a year and a half, I observed when people commonly visit the city and I think the idea is the same in other parts of the world. Events makes a place not only popular but populous too. Melbourne is always busy and visiting the city any time of the year is not an issue at all because there is always something for everybody. But not all the time, events are equal, because there are events that will ask for our money too, but as I say it, it still depends on our preference as well. Here are some of the major events that visitors like you and me that can take advantage when planning the time to visit Melbourne to have all these free stuff.

1.White Night Melbourne – February

If you are more into cultural thing, love to watch shows, performances, exhibitions, music and dances, White Night Melbourne is for you. As this is a one night free event of the year. But don’t just take it for granted that its free because the shows are really awesome and spectacular that you may wonder how on earth such kind of shows become free because it will amaze you. The event happened in 12 hours straight from 7PM to 7AM non-stop and usually happens one night in February. So, if you planned to visit the city during this event, make sure you are ready for it. But if you have few hours to spare for the night, that still alright and you can still enjoy the event. I suggest to visit their official website here to have a clear idea of the detailed schedule in the future White Night Melbourne event. But my advise is, even you are not for 12 hours celebration, still go out there and see the light shows that happens to most notable buildings around CBD and definitely you will not regret it.

My personal experience in the event was described in the post below.

White Night – A Melbourne’s Dreamy Night

2.Moomba Festival – March

If you are bringing your family or even your friends, Moomba Festival will fit into your plans. The festival is the largest free community festival in Australia. The event composed of parade, crowning of monarchs, fireworks displays, carnivals, river activities, live music and bands. This is actually 3-Days event. It is also a family friendly event because of different rides and games available for the young at heart. There are shows to enjoy like water skiing competition and even the funny birdman rally. It’s a great time to spend outside because definitely everyone will have a great time. Its an event in the city that makes Melbourne alive again not only for one day but for three days. If you will attend the festival, you will most likely just going to spend only for your food and carnival rides, the rest of the stuff like shows are all free. So plan your visit in the city when this event is on, you will not regret as its added bonus to your planned vacation.

Below was my post describing the few hours of experience in the festival.

Melbourne’s Moomba Festival – Australia’s Largest Free Community Festival

3.Open House Melbourne – July

If you love buildings, architectures, history and cultures, or even you just wanted to chill and walk around the city to explore and enjoy it, Open House Melbourne is for you. Its two days event in weekend where notable, famous and even private buildings or houses being open to the public to give the chance the people to learn more about the design of the building and to give a chance to explore what’s inside of it. This event is happening in few specific cities in the world every year. One of the city where this event is happening every year since 2008 is Melbourne in Australia. And the great thing about this event is, it’s totally free.

The Open House Melbourne that I got a chance to enjoy was happened more than 3 years ago, last July 2013. Since Melbourne is one of the city that is really great in commercializing its tourism, I found out the event through ads displayed in street and while frequently visiting the Visitors Centre in Federation Square. I used to visit the center because it gives me a lot of idea where to go while in the city, within Victoria state and even within Australia. After finding out that the city will have its open house event, I got so excited. Why? Because I saw that the event is my chance to explore more about the city.

Before the schedule of the event, I did research and found its official website and learned that there are buildings with limited numbers of visitors, I tried to apply for these buildings but unfortunately I was not chosen. Because of that, the alternative for me is to grab my chance to see other buildings that I can still visit.

Because I was overwhelmed with buildings that open to public, honestly I did not know which building to visit at first, I actually bought the Open House Melbourne booklet, and there are available itineraries that listed as well. Because its only two days in a year, I wish it can be longer than that, I never got a chance visit all the buildings. In this event, I got only Saturday, because I was busy on Sunday. My tip is, if you are going to this kind of event, buy the booklet if possible and the price is very minimal, at that time, the book cost $10 AUD.  And look on the buildings that interest you and try to create your own route if you don’t like following the suggested itineraries in the booklet and enjoy the day. Some buildings are only open in 1 day, so check that one too.

The following buildings that I had a chance to tour inside of it during the event are the following :

  1. The Melbourne Athenaeum
  2. Melbourne Town Hall and Offices
  3. Council House 2 (CH2)
  4. Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

Do you know other events in Melbourne that will not cost us too much? I welcome feedback.


1. Plan to visit Melbourne during the following event ? Please visit their website for more latest updates.

White Night Melbourne official website :

Moomba Festival official website :

Open House official website :
Open House Melbourne official website :

2. Public Transportation Ticket – Use Myki (Melbourne Ticketing System), please check here for more details.

3. Directions

Using tram

Use tramTracker Apps or even just Google Maps (use directions) and there are tram routes available.

Using train

Visit the official Public Transport Victoria website to be able to use the Journey Planner for the next train schedule.

We’re the Travelers – My First Post Published

I joined one of the travel blog site not only to promote my blog but to experience as well to write articles to another website. Honestly, I am quite nervous because its first time that probably more people going to read my post who are traveler enthusiast and writer or blogger as well. So fingers crossed that my first post will be appreciated more by many people.

Please visit the site link below:

Trekking Mount Pinatubo – A Tragic Creation of Natural Attractions

I hope you enjoy the post.

Melbourne’s Moomba Festival – Australia’s Largest Free Community Festival

Living in Melbourne for a while helped me to understand what’s the life in the city. Weekends were my best time to explore and experience what Melbourne has to offer, not only for the people who lives in the city but to the people who are just passing by just like me. One thing that I admired in the city was its government and tourism partnership. Why I said a partnership? Because tourism alone will not be able to organize events in the city without support from its government. The city is rich of cultural events and activities that anyone can find what interesting to them. Its tourism never stops making the city so fascinating and alive.

Another event that I had a chance to attend was Moomba Festival. The festival said to be the Australia’s largest free and longest-running community festival held annually in Melbourne to celebrate Labor Day with cultural activities. Like what happened in White Night Melbourne event, I spared at least 1 or 2 hours to immerse myself to the colorful feast. The celebration consistently includes parade, crowning of monarchs, fireworks displays, carnivals, river activities, live music and bands.

It was Saturday again, I get out of my serviced-apartment where I lived and went to the festival to see what’s going on in the fair. When I arrived in the location of celebration, I felt excited. I jumped of at Flinders Street/Federation Square tram stop and walked to Birrarung Marr (a city park between CBD and Yarra River). While walking, I can hear screaming and laughing of people coming from the rides, I can immediately felt that people were enjoying and having a good time. The area does not have only its rides but also surrounded by different food kiosks that will make your tummy full and carnival games to entice you to play.

I stopped my walk as I checked if there’s activity to watch in Yarra River. I waited a minute or two until I saw one doing a water-skiing appeared in the river. With the camera I brought along, I took so many shots to be able to capture a good one.

Water sports – skiing and skating

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After enjoying watching water-skiing, I crossed Swan St Bridge so I can see the other side of the River which is Alexandra Gardens where other rides and carnival games stands. I walked around the place and enjoyed what I saw.

Carnival Games


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Live Music

Before I go back to my place, I walked back to Federation Square and saw some F1 motor racing cars displayed in booths and being display as a form of advertisement for the upcoming Australian Grand Prix to be happening within the same month that time.


1. Plan to visit Melbourne CBD during Moomba Festival event ?

To attend Moomba Festival, please visit their official website here for the latest updates.

2. Public Transportation Ticket – Use Myki (Melbourne Ticketing System), please check here for more details.

3. Directions

Using tram

Use tramTracker Apps or even just Google Maps (use directions) and there are tram routes available.
Route: 1, 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72 –> get off at Stop 13 Flinders Street Station. And cross St Kilda Road towards Federation Square and walk to Birrarung Marr park.

Using train

Visit the official Public Transport Victoria website to be able to use the Journey Planner for the next train schedule.

Ride from any station and get off at Flinders Street Station

From Flinders Street Station, get off either St Kilda Road Exit. And cross St Kilda Road towards Federation Square and walk to Birrarung Marr park.

Theme : Amusement Park Rides – Moomba Festival Carnival Rides

Theme (Post#4) : Amusement Park Rides – Moomba Festival Carnival Rides

In any event such as celebration, feast, fair or festival, it is no doubt that carnival rides completes the setup. It is always makes the event colorful and alive. Here are some snapshots that I had while walking around in Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne during Moomba Festival. These photos are part of Moomba Festival Collection last March 2014.


Still Expression : Yarra River – Water Skiing

Still Expression (Post#6) : Yarra River – Water Skiing

One of the activities to enjoy during Moomba Festival is watching Water Skiing sports events held along Yarra River. Here anyone can see people who are really good at this kind of sports and then be amazed how they great about it. These photos are part of Moomba Festival Collection last March 2014.

Transportation : Australia – F1 Motor Race Cars

Transportation (Post#4) : Australia – F1 Motor Race Car

During Moomba Festival, I got a chance to glimpse some of the F1 race car displayed as it advertise the upcoming Australian Grand Prix at that time which happens annually in Albert Park in Melbourne. These photos are part of Moomba Festival Collection last March 2014.

Colors : Looking for a Basketball Court ?

Colors (Post#6) : Looking for a Basketball Court ?

Here is one of the snapshot I had while walking around Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne during Moomba Festival. This is one of the games that I can play in-game zone which commonly found in malls in my country, one way to practice how to play basketball, right? This photo is part of Moomba Festival Collection last March 2014.

In The Middle Of Somewhere : Flinders Street

In The Middle Of Somewhere (Post#7) : Flinders Street

Walking along Flinders Street that night was a challenge but I still able to grab my chance to take a snapshot of that moment which is full of people, one of the day that I had seen the city full of human beings. Photo is part of White Night Melbourne Photo Collection last February 2014.