Chromatic Outlook : Sydney Opera House

Another photo post featuring Sydney area …

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6 thoughts on “Chromatic Outlook : Sydney Opera House”

      1. Since you like adventures, I went to Blue Mountains area it’s near from Sydney, I know there are trekking/hiking trails available there. I was in the tour when I visited it since I don’t know how to drive (I’m planning to learn that one this year though), and that place are actually mountain ranges so there’s a lot to explore. And if there are lots of beaches (just check if the water still manageable for swimming)…I will be posting my walks in Sydney beaches in the next few days, you can check it out too.

      2. That’s awesome, wouldn’t of thought the Blue Mountains, nor had I heard of them. Good work on getting your driving license though, it opens up so many doors. We’re road-tripping Iceland in May and wouldn’t of been able to afford a tour I don’t think! I hope they’re swimmable, that’s my exercise for those 2 weeks !

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