Top 12 Areas Visited In Sydney

I traveled to Sydney for 4 times while living in Australia. But the commonality of these 4 trips in the city, all were short trips, mostly from less than 24 hours up to more than 48 hours. Most of my traveled in the city the intention was to just passed it except during my last flight which was really meant for Sydney.

I knew there were so much places to visit in Sydney and I thought that anyone can create a lots of bucket list because the city offers so much to anyone, to everyone. During my few trips in the city I found myself to be in the following places and I ranked them by my own reasoning and personal preferences. If you had visited Sydney and had been in places in my list, what will be your top list?


I had a chance to travel to Blue Mountains during my second trip in Sydney. For this trip, my only itinerary was to join a tour in one of the nearest mountain ranges from Sydney which is Blue Mountains and to visit one of the caves which is Jenolan Caves. Since I didn’t knew how to drive, my only option was to be part of a group tour because there was no public transportation available directly to that place. When I saw Blue Mountains, there was another dream that I was thinking at that time, if only I had a chance to explore even just part of that mountain range.


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Another part that I enjoyed was tour inside the Jenolan Caves because its one of the caves that even its being protected, the public still got a chance to see the major crystal formations even from a distance since it has tourist trail to follow. The tour is one of the best time I had while visiting Sydney or let’s say visiting New South Wales.


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TOP 3 TO  9

If you are fond with water scenery, enjoy water activities or just wanted to have fresh air while enjoying the walk near the sea-shore, you can select any of the above beaches. I don’t have the intention to really walk the trail from Bondi to Coogee since I have no knowledge about the trail, but because I enjoyed the scenery, I just go with the flow and  entrap with the beauty that surrounds me. I never regret that I finished the walking trail.


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Who does not know about Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge? These are famous icons not only in Sydney, not only in Australia but famous icons in the world. I had a chance to be here twice in my 4 trips in the city, happened during my first and my last trip in Sydney. Here’s my opinion about the place, for me, there is something  in the harbour that keeps people on coming back in the place. It’s a place that I thought I will never be tired to visit the area again and again.


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Geographically, Darling Harbour is part of Sydney Harbour. I wanted to emphasize the place since it’s not far from Circular Quay and it offers a different scenery which unique on its own. My visit here was accidental because my intention was really just pass the harbour since I was on my way to a tour. But while walking in the area, I cannot stop myself to stop a bit and enjoy the surrounding area. They usually call the harbour as the ‘Heart of Sydney’ since it’s a place  of entertainments that offers great waterfront dining. But if your intention was just to walk around the area like what happened to me, you will be alright.


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It is the only building that I visited in Sydney. Just for this building, I was already fascinated. Sometimes I am wondering about the other buildings to see in the city, but I never had a chance to do that anymore. The way I see Queen Victoria Building or QVB, it is the mother of all arcades in Australia as it is the biggest historical arcades  that still exists today that I found while touring in Australia.


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