Colors : Saw Doctor’s Wagon – A Home and A Workshop All In One

Colors (Post#7) : Saw Doctor’s Wagon – A Home and A Workshop All In One

Wondering what’s in the photo? It is a mobile home and a workshop. This collection is being displayed at National Museum of Australia. People has instinct to survive no matter what is the condition he has in life. This wagon is both a home and workshop of Harold Wright for more than 30 years who migrated from England to Australia during Depression time. And because of high unemployment, this is one thing he created so he survived and he promotes himself as ‘The Saw Doctor”. Understanding how this wagon survived until this day? This has been sold to a secondhand dealers and before it was scrapped, it was saved by collector and then bought by National Museum of Australia. I honestly admired how this country putting an effort to preserve such wagon so people will know and understand how Harold and other people like him to survived that time. This photo is part of Canberra Day Tour June 2013 Collection.


Source: Informative facts above came from National Museum of Australia.

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