Discovery : Franklin River

Discovery (Post#17) : Franklin River 

In the 1980s, the Franklin River become synonymous with Australia’s largest conservation movement of the time, the movement battled to block Hydro Tasmania’s proposed hydro-electric power plan, from building on the Franklin.

Source: Wikipedia

The campaign to save the Franklin River, clearly lost on political grounds, shifted emphasis, with the organisation of what was to be one of the largest acts of mass civil disobedience seen in Australia. Protesters chained themselves to gates at the HEC compound in Strahan and formed blockades in rubber duckies at Warners Landing. As boat load after boat load were arrested, new waves of protesters came to take their place. The campaign continued throughout the summer of 1982-3 and resulted in the arrest of 1272 persons.

Source: Franklin River

The name of the river itself represents the environment movement that was historic in Australia.

Franklin River is one of the wild river to be found in the Wild Rivers National Park in Tasmania that can be enjoyed at Donaghys Hill. These photos are part of Tasmania Adventure Photo Collection June 2013.



Lyell Hwy, Derwent Bridge TAS 7140, Australia

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