Random Angle : The Georgian Terrace

Random Angle (Post#5) : The Georgian Terrace

The Georgian Terrace is one of the historical hotels in America and opened in 1911. When I passed the Georgian Terrace Hotel at that time, I don’t have idea that it was historical, but I noticed its elegant and lavish architectural design which I cannot ignore not to take photos of it. I recently learned that the Hollywood stars of legend movie “Gone With the Wind” stayed there and other prominent people such as the “30th USA President” Calvin Coolidge, “The Great Gatsby” author Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald and Walt Disney. These photos are part of Atlanta Walks Photo Collection November 2015.



Name Of The Place : Peachtree Street

Name Of The Place (Post#38) : Peachtree Street

Checking which places to see in Atlanta, I found the common address has Peachtree Street. But then later, I realized that the city itself has too many names with the keyword “Peachtree”. Then I checked what’s the reason behind the name. From my research, the site were Atlanta grew where the major village is called Standing Peachtree (has dispute if its Standing Pitch tree, which later altered to “peach”). The said site has known to have lots of Pine trees which also called as “pitch” trees due to their sap. A remarkable origin of the name. The photo is part of Atlanta Walks Photo Collection November 2015.


Chromatic Outlook : Margaret Mitchell House

Chromatic Outlook (Post#41) : Margaret Mitchell House

Here are some photo collections that I was able to capture while visiting Margaret Mitchell House and now a museum. These photos are part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015.

Rear View (from Crescent Ave NE)



Side View (from building beside the house)


Front View (along Peachtree St NE)







Arts and Craft : Scarlett in Blue Dress By Helen Carlton

Arts and Craft (Post#11) : Scarlett in Blue Dress By Helen Carlton

When I saw this painting hanging beside the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta as part of “Beyond the Pages and Behind the Scenes” exhibit, I saw this plainly as painting. But after I saw the movie, I realized how lucky I was that I had a chance to see this painting for real which has been part of 1939 movie. The photos is part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015.


Scarlett in the Blue Dress, Oil on Canvass, 1939
Helen Carlton, artist
Loaned by Atlanta Board of Education

The life-size portrait of Scarlett hung on the wall in Rhett’s bedroom in their Atlanta mansion built after the Civil War. Joseph B. Platt, head of New York decorating the firm, coordinated the set interiors for Selsnick’s art department, including the selection of appropriate furniture, wallpapers, carpets and accessories for Gone With the Wind.

In 1939, the portrait traveled from California to the motion picture’s premier in Atlanta where it hung in the window of the downtown Davison-Paxon department store. More recently, the painting hung in the cafeteria of the Margaret Mitchell Elementary School in Atlanta.

Note: Excerpt from the notes displayed under the exhibit item.

Margaret Mitchell’s (Gone With The Wind) House Visit

When I visited Margaret Mitchell House, I only knew her book by its title since it famous around the world. I haven’t read her book nor watched the movie made of it even at that time. In short, I know nothing about the story that surrounds the book or the movie made.

I visited Margaret’s House last November 20, 2015 while I was in Atlanta for a few weeks work assignment. I wasn’t able to write this post immediately because my plate are full of list to write about my previous travels. And at that time I can’t write anything about my visit in her house until I read her book or watched the movie.

After almost two years from the time that I visited Margaret Mitchell’s House, I had a chance to watched the movie. I bought the movie in iTunes few months ago during its sale but I wasn’t able to watched it as soon as I bought it because it requires almost 9 GB space in my phone since its HD version. Before watching the movie, I had no idea what’s the context of the famous book. The movie is classic and to be able to watch it in my phone is a luxury. I was amazed that in 1939, they were able to create a Technicolor movie.

It was Friday, November 20, 2015, my last whole day in Atlanta as the next day was my return flight to my country. I went out early from work. I was trying to think where to go because I had few hours left in Atlanta. While looking at some city brochures that I had in my hotel room, I decided to visit downtown. From hotel, I took shuttle bus towards MARTA Airport Station. From Airport Station, I got off at Midtown Station. I found myself along 10th St NE. While I was looking on the photos of Margaret’s House in my phone, I found the house from a far but I hesitated at first because the house was not exactly the same in the photos that I was looking, but Google Maps is telling me that I was few steps away from it. I approached the house in front of me and then I saw a sign that confirmed that I was looking at the right house.



–Margaret Mitchell House from Crescent Ave. NE

I walked towards the door of the house and there I saw hope that it was open for visitors. I went inside and I asked if the house was open for a tour, they confirmed that it was. I bought a ticket for my visit to the museum. They also informed me that there was a guided tour that I can still join for that day. While I was waiting for the scheduled guided tour, I still have time for self-guided round in the house museum and I started exploring the house.


First part of exhibition that I saw are all about the movie made from the book. Its famous premier event which considered a huge and significant event happened in Atlanta. After seeing the exhibits, I understand how important the movie for the city even the mayor itself at that time involved himself to make sure that the premier of the movie will be really happening in his city.







A part of the house focused on the film made out of the book. And because the premiere of the movie decided to happen in Atlanta, the event became a historical as the famous Hollywood stars came to the city. Both political figures, businessmen, civic social club and media people made the event really special.


–Showing the hype of the premier event of the movie held in Atlanta


–Original Paintings of Gone With the Wind by Dan Sayre Groesback displayed at Loew’s Grand Theatre foyer for the film premier.

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara and Clark Gable as Rhett Butler
Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes and Olivia De Havilland as Melanie Hamilton

The photos above shows the main actors of the movie that gives life for the character of Scarlet O’hara, Ashley Wilkes, Rhett Butler, and Melanie Hamilton.


–Loew’s Grand Theatre Premiere by Kenneth G. Rogers

Show that thousand people went to the premier to be able to see the stars.


–Loew’s Grand Theatre while it is existed before the fire broke out and before it was demolished.


–During the visit of the main actors in the movie


–During the visit of Rhett Butler at Five Points


–During the parade from airport to Georgian Terrace Hotel


–During Women’s Press Club


–When Clark Gable and Margaret Mitchell met


–Some news about the place where the movie “Gone With The Wind” to be premiered


–Constructing the Loew’s Facade


–Loew’s Grand Theatre Seats


–Aunt Pittypat Arrives at the Junior League Ball


–Seats of Margaret Mitchell and Clark Gable


–Loew’s Grand Seating Chart for the premiere of Gone With the Wind December 15, 1939


–The Grand March at the Junior League Ball and Margaret Palmer wearing Scarlett’s Dress


–Hattie McDaniel as Mammy


–Atlanta Municipal Auditorium Stage, Junior League Ball and Junior League Ball Program


When I visited another building just beside Margaret Mitchell’s House, I discovered additional exhibits which shows the adaptation of the book to a film. It also displays the facsimile of storyboards and other movie materials.


There is video documentaries when filming the “Gone With the Wind”. And there were paintings of Scarlet O’Hara inside the exhibit room.


–Where is Tara?


–Gone With the Wind : The Motion Picture



Costume sketches, 1939
Walter Plunkett, artist



Rhett and Ashley : Civil War Heroes?


–At the time of the movie, the racial discrimination with white and black are still on its height


–Scarlett in the Blue Dress, Oil on Canvass, 1939
Helen Carlton, artist
Loaned by Atlanta Board of Education



–Storyboards, Watercolor on Board, 1939
Dorothea Holt and Joseph Mc Millen “Mac” Johnson, artists
Selznick International Pictures Art Department


–Monster Bazaar
Gerald O’Hara and Scarlet overlooking Tara


–Scarlet refuge to Tara
Tara in Ruins


–Main Characters



–Looking back at Margaret Mitchell House

I looked for my watch and in few minutes the guided tour will be start soon. Then I returned to Margaret Mitchell’s apartment and from information desk I waited for the tour guide. In few minutes, the guide showed-up. The special thing with the guided tour was the chance to go inside the room of Margaret Mitchell at the time she wrote her book “Gone With the Wind”.

Margaret Mitchell Room Unit where “Gone With the Wind” book has been written.









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The exhibits here are more related to the life of Margaret Mitchell with the title above which significantly shows her virtue on something.



–Girlhood Stories by Margaret Mitchell, ca.1910
Courtesy Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library
University of Georgia


–Margaret Mitchell on Her Front Porch, 1918


–Clifford Henry and Soldiers from Camp Cordon, Atlanta, 1918 (Clifford Henry at the center gave Margaret a gold engagement ring that belongs to his family, he was deployed and wounded in October


–Margaret Mitchell and Samuel Leslie Morris, 1920


–Margaret Mitchell and Sigmund, 1921


–Margaret Mitchell and “Red Upshaw”, 1922


–John Marsh, ca.1925

Margaret Mitchell Life as Reporter






–Margaret Mitchell interviewing Rudolph Valentino, July 1, 1923





–Margaret Mitchell interviewing Georgia Tech Students, June 3, 1923


–Desk used by Margaret Mitchell at the Atlanta Journal Sunday Magazine, 1922-1926
Loaned by Atlanta Journal-Constitution



–Margaret Mitchell with Her Atlanta Journal Sunday Magazine Co-workers, ca. 1922


–Margaret Mitchell on Assignment, 1922-1926

The exhibits also displays artifacts and archives at the time that Margaret is writing her famous book “Gone With the Wind”.








–Margaret Mitchell at Her Window,1936
Kenneth G.Rogers, photographer



–Foreign Edition Games


–Legacy of Gone With the Wind


–Margaret Mitchell, 1932-1933, Asasno, photographer


–Sahara of the Bozarts?


–Margaret Mitchell House (Lower Left Apartment#1) where she wrote Gone With the Wind


–Margaret Mitchell Portrait

Margaret with her Life as part of Community


–Community and Country



–Product Packages, 1945-1950 (packaged for delivery to war-torn Europe)
Civil Defense Armband, ca 1943
Commemorative Punch Bowl and Ladle, 1959 (Loaned by US Navy)


–Margaret Mitchell and Bessie Jordan, November 1947
Tracy O’Neil, photographer


–Margaret Mitchell christening the U.S.S Atlanta,
December 24, 1941

Before I left the vicinity area of Margaret Mitchell’s House, I found myself walked nearby to get another angle of photos of her house. At that time, I realized that the photo that I was looking for in my phone are front photos of the house along Peachtree St NE which different at Crescent Ave NE.


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I realised while I write this post, how significant her life is and her contribution to the community.

1. Plan to visit Margaret Mitchell House ? – Please check latest information here
2. Entrance Fee – Please check here
3. Public Transportation Ticket – Use MARTA Breese Card,  here’s the official website, here’s alternative site for the card
4. Directions to Margaret Mitchell House using train :
If you will ride within Red Line or Gold Line regardless which station you will come from, just remember to get-off at Midtown Station.
If you will ride in any of Blue or Green Line, you are required to transfer at Five Points Station and take Red or Gold Line and get off at Midtown Station.
From Midtown Station, get off at 10th St NE and turn right towards Peachtree Street NE direction. Once you reach Crescent Avenue NE, you will find Margaret Mitchell House.

Interior : Margaret Mitchell House (Apartment No. 1)

Interior (Post#11) : Margaret Mitchell House (Apartment No. 1)

I was lucky that I got a chance to see the apartment unit of Margaret Mitchell when she was writing the Pulitzer-Prize winning novel “Gone With the Wind”. The visit in this room is part of guided-tour which means, it cannot be seen by just self-guided visit in the museum. It’s a worth wait as I witness the place where the talented author lived her life during that time. These photos are part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015.







Discovery : Girlhood Stories by Margaret Mitchell

Discovery (Post#31) : Girlhood Stories by Margaret Mitchell

When I was at the ground floor and exploring the House Museum, as part of “Margaret Mitchell : A Passion For character” display, I found an exhibit that portrays Margaret even at her young age that she has a talent for writing. After seeing this, I can imagine how talented the young Margaret and she’s writing stories at the age of 10. The photo is part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015.


Girlhood Stories by Margaret Mitchell, ca.1910
Courtesy Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library
University of Georgia

“Colorful covers introduce girlhood stories written by Margaret Mitchell. The papers of Stephens Mitchell at the Kenan Research Center contain a small, handmade booklet similar to these. When intact, the 173 pages were filled with Mitchell’s cursive handwriting. The action-packed tale features a Union soldier, Hugh Warren, who though born in the South, was a spy for the North”

Note: Excerpt from the notes displayed under the exhibit item.


Arts and Craft : Gone With the Wind Portraits By Dan Sayre Groesbeck

Arts and Craft (Post#10) : Gone With the Wind Portraits By Dan Sayre Groesbeck

When I went-up stairs to start exploring the Margaret Mitchell House, I found the original paintings of “Gone With the Wind” Portraits painted by Dan Sayre Groesbeck, an American painter and artist. The portraits were displayed in Loew’s Grand Theatre foyer during its film premiere at Atlanta in 1939. The photo is part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015.


Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara and Clark Gable as Rhett Butler
Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes and Olivia De Havilland as Melanie Hamilton

Name Of The Place : Margaret Mitchell House

Name Of The Place (Post#37) : Margaret Mitchell House

Since I came from Midtown metro train station, I did not find this information board while looking at the house of Margaret Mitchell. I found this before I left the vicinity area with the objective of taking photos of the house in another angle. These photos are part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015.



Panoramic View : Pinatubo Crater Lake

Panoramic View (Post#34) : Pinatubo Crater Lake

Pinatubo Crater Lake is one of the lakes that I can say met my expectations. Because of crystallized scenery, I thought that is was similar to lakes that I found in Banff, Canada. These photos are part of Mount Pinatubo Trekking Adventure Photo Collection January 2017.





Precious Moment In The Mountain : Mount Pinatubo

Precious Moment In The Mountain (Post#27) : Mount Pinatubo

Before my hike in Mount Pinatubo, seeing similar photos before made me felt envy with people who were able to hike the mountain. And when I got a chance to be within the crate of Mount Pinatubo, one of my wishes became true. These photos are part of Mount Pinatubo Trekking Adventure Photo Collection January 2017.






Top 12 Places Visited in Guam

Have you visited Guam? Do you have favorite place that you visited in the island? Here’s my top places that I visited in the island based on my preferences. I hope it helps you to create your own list when planning to visit Guam – one of the US Territory in the Pacific.

Top 1 – Pagat Point and Pagat Cave

This is my favorite spot that I was able to reached while traveling around the island. This is the place that requires hiking which means you need an effort to see the place. Pagat Point is one of the amazing lookout or viewpoint to appreciate in the island. The Pagat Cave is an added bonus for the adventures that wanted to have activity with the nature.



Top 2 – Tarzan Falls

I love this falls because it requires me to do a hiking even though it was not really a mountain. Another falls that I discover as part of my travel adventures. And I had a great time sit on its walls and enjoys the waterfalls.


Top 3 – Fish Eye Marine Park

Though I was scared in swimming a deep-sea water and even I was uncomfortable with my fins, I still love this place because of the colourful fishes under the water. I just need more exposure and experience with similar adventure.


Top 4 – Guam Adventures Yigo

I love the lookout where I had a chance this paradise view from the top. Though it was not that long rest after buggy off-road adventure but its worth of a rest to appreciate such kind of scenery.


Top 5 – Asan Bay Overlook and Libugon Vista Point

Asan Bay Overlook now offers panoramic view of War In the Pacific National Historical Park in Nimitz Hill, Asan Bay and Fish Eye Marine Park. It also a reminder of its significance on the freedom of Guam from Japanese.


Libugon Vista Point offers birds-eye view of Tamuning, the islands’ international airport and Barrigada.


Top 6 – Two Lovers Point

The most accessible point to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Tumon Bay and the shorelines that surrounds it.


Top 7 – Fort Soledad

Fort Soledad offers a scenic view of Umatac Bay and emphasize its fortification of once rich village of Umatac.


Top 8 – Fort Santa Agueda

A fort that offers the view of capital city of the island which is Hagatna.


Top 9 – Hagatna Heritage Walk

A learning walks to discover the historical importance of the city and understanding how the history shaped the island right now.


Top 10 – Chamorro Village

A gluttony adventure indeed in Chamorro Village every Wednesday where different kinds of people get out to have fun inside the village either through shopping of different kind of cultural souvenirs and to be fill the empty stomach.


Top 11 – Tumon Bay

The most tourist populated area in the island. Whether you enjoy the walk like I did in the bay or have an adventure in the water will fill-up your time here.


Top 12 – Tamuning

Walking in the city is not bad at all, if you just wanted to chill in the city, the island has Tamuning where you can enjoy the city life of the island.


Trekking Mount Pinatubo – A Tragic Creation of Natural Attractions

It was year 1991 when Mount Pinatubo erupted and categorized as an active volcano. The tragedy happened at my young age where I witness ed in the news how this volcano created sufferings to my fellow countrymen specially to those who lived in the surrounding areas of the mountain. I remembered that a lot of people died and lost their homes because of heavy ashes and lahar flowing in rivers coming from the volcano. It’s been decades that people lived nearby suffers every year specifically during rainy season.

After decades or more, the crater lake of this active volcano started to be noticed by hikers and adventurers. I had seen photos and blogs in the past years from whom climbed the mountain and whom reached the stunning crater lake. Every time I see the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo in photos, it reminds me the lakes that I saw in Banff, Alberta Canada. I started to dream to climb the mountain and wanted to reach the crater lake but the opportunity was elusive for me in a time being.

This year 2017, last January 4, my dream has been fulfilled. After more than two decades of tragic eruption of the volcano. My friend from USA invited me to join climbing Mount Pinatubo. The schedule was weekdays and I never hesitated to accept the invite and I immediately filed my vacation leave.

After my work on January 3, Tuesday night, I reached the Five Star Bus Terminal in Cubao few minutes before 12AM. I was lucky because there was a bus leaving the terminal within 10 minutes. I took bus that goes to Bolinao (any bus goes to Vigan, Baguio, Alaminos or Bolinao will pass Capas Junction). I traveled alone, I was tempted to sleep but I never slept because I don’t want to miss the junction that I need to get-off. Its midnight and first week of January, my travel to Capas Junction was smooth and I arrived almost 2AM. From Capas Junction, I took tricycle to Sta. Juliana. I thought the travel will just few minutes, I was wrong and with the price of P300, it’s not just far, but really far. As I traveled early in the morning, I felt the cold wind that passed through my skin and I had been in that situation for  30 minutes. At last I reached Bognot Lodge accommodation where my friends are staying. My friend Nits woke-up and able to meet me outside.

I had 2 hours of sleep. We were three together, myself, Nits and new friend Marisa. All of us are first timer in climbing Mount Pinatubo. We started preparing ourselves past 5AM and had our breakfast. Because it’s not yet peak season, we were allowed our stuff to remain in the room where we stayed over night. Then, took 4X4 jeep and we went to Municipal Tourist Satellite Office where Nits and Marisa required to check their blood pressure before the climb, the result are good and were all set.










The adventure begun past 7AM and we rode again 4X4 vehicle. We were advised that we will drive the ground for an hour. On the way, the first thing that I saw was plain white and dusty ground. The ground that we were driving on was lahar that flowed in the river before that has been cemented through times. We never expected to see beautiful and unique spots along the way that adds enjoyment in our  jumpy ride.










Before we reached the jump-off area around 9AM, where the long walk starts, I realized and understand why there is a need for 4X4 vehicle. I was thankful because it helped a lot of people who wanted to climb the mountain. Our jumped-off area was farther than the original jumped-off few years back. As per our guide and driver, the jump-off are before was near the climbing trail to crater lake but now it was not because of the effect brought by heavy rains and typhoons.  According to the signs of I saw, we have to walk of 7km to reached the climbing trail.









We reached the jump-off area and it means that we reached the start of our long walk adventure. I figured out that the track that our 4X4 jeep and the trail that we took for a walk is actually a river pathways, it means that during rainy season, it is not safe to climb the mountain, the tourism office will not allow you to do so.

During the whole trek, we had guide and we’re thankful to him as I survived without soaking my feet under the water as too many strayed waterways along the way and he kept assisting us (I recommend to wear sandals and shoes that can go wet).

The walk was not an easy feat. Because the track is not as simple as plain road. The track was where lahar flows and become a solid ground. There are big and small rocks all over the place which need careful attention. We reached the half of the trail and station where there’s toilet and water, where people can rest.





Our treacherous walk continues, as we come nearer the climb trail, bigger rocks and boulders are to be found and walk become more difficult. We reached another station where there is haven for resting and toilets too. It is the station where the climb begins. At the station we saw a notification where it categorize people’s age how long the climb will be before reaching the crater lake. All the three of us jokes ourselves where we belong in the category list, whether we belong in young, middle age or senior.









We rested a bit in the station and then started the climb. I don’t have options to avoid my shoes to get wet because the trail is smaller and narrower where water stream flows too. We took stairs to reach the viewpoint of the crater lake. When we reached sightseeing view of the lake, all my fatigued that I felt along the way immediately gone as I saw up close the fascinating crater lake of Mount Pinatubo. We had our lunch inside the crater and went near the lake to enjoy the amazing views in front of us and to have our photos. After an hour of enjoying in the crater lake view, we decided to go back to finish our adventure.

Name Of The Place : Pinatubo Crater Lake

Name Of The Place (Post#36) : Pinatubo Crater Lake

When we reached the crater lake of Pinatubo, it was an achievement for us. The trek was not really difficult but since we walked around 7 kilometers, it was a tiring trek. At the viewing area of the lake, there are people having rest and lunch and enjoying the scenic view in front of us. The photo is part of Mount Pinatubo Trekking Adventure Photo Collection January 2017.


Chromatic Outlook : Lahar Carved Canyons

Chromatic Outlook (Post#40) : Lahar Carved Canyons

During our trip towards the jump-off area of the walking trail towards Mount Pinatubo, I did not expect that there are scenic wonders that we will see along the way. I am referring to Lahar Carved Canyons. Seeing these lahar carved canyons made me felt that I was in another world while we were taking the river bed. These photos are part of Mount Pinatubo Trekking Adventure Photo Collection January 2017.





















Transportation : Zambales – 4X4 Owner Type Jeep

Transportation (Post#9) : Zambales – 4X4 Owner Type Jeep

Trekking Mount Pinatubo requires 4X4 to be able to reach the walking trail towards the mountain. Because of Lahar that flows in the river, the change in the Lahar deposits that became concreted after years that passed had major effects on the river bed that used by 4X4 to send tourist and hikers near the walking path which still kilometer distance to the Pinatubo Crater Lake. These photos are part of Mount Pinatubo Trekking Adventure Photo Collection January 2017.








Chromatic Outlook : Pale San Vitores Road

Chromatic Outlook (Post#39) : Pale San Vitores Road

Pale San Vitores Road is the main road where the Tumon Tourism center is located. It’s nice to have a walk along here to enjoy the urbanity of Tumon. Majority of the hotels are located along the road, malls, restaurants, cafe, bars and even some tourist spots like Underwater World, parks and beaches. These photos are part of Guam Adventure Photo Collection April 2017.




Colors : The Plaza Guam

Colors (Post#9) : The Plaza Guam

The Plaza Guam is one of the mall to be found in Tumon which also accommodates the Underwater World. I had a chance to walk inside and found restaurants as well that can suit your appetite. The photo is part of Guam Adventure Photo Collection April 2017.

IMG_1946 s2


7 Best Lookout (Viewpoint) in Guam

During my visit in Guam, I had a chance to explore different lookouts or viewpoints in the island that gave me a chance to see its different beauty from different locations. There might be more lookouts in the island that I haven’t seen, but for the starter, here’s the 7 viewpoint that I had a chance to reached.

1. Two Lovers Point

This is the most famous and most accessible viewpoint in Guam. It offers one of the scenic view in the island.


2. Guam Adventures Yigo

I am not sure if this viewpoint is accessible to people who don’t join the Buggy Off-road Adventures but during the said adventure the North-East Coast scenic view is so lovely that I even think that I was looking at a paradise view from a distance at the top.


3. Pagat Point

This point requires hiking to reach and to have a chance to see the coastal scenic view. The Pagat Arch is the added bonus at the point.


4. Fort Santa Agueda

The overlooking at the top of Apugan Hill or Fort Santa Agueda, offers the West-Coast scenic view of the island and Hagatna City.


5. Asan Bay Overlook

This viewpoint offers the South-West scenic view and the birds-eye view of War in the Pacific National Historical Park.


6. Fort Soledad

This viewpoint of Southern Part of the island with the emphasis of Magellan Landing Site and historical Umatac Bay which significant during Galleon Trade.


7. Libugon Vista Point

This unnoticed viewpoint offers scenery of the famous Tamuning area, Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport and Barrigada Hill.


Tumon – Beach and Urban Walk

As what I mentioned from my previous post about my adventure in Guam, Tumon is the most tourist populated area in the island as it is the place where most hotels are located, shopping district, tourist spots, beaches and where the public transportation is available. During my last day in Guam, I did a walk in some beaches in Tumon Bay and had few times walking around Tumon.

Beach Walk

After I rested a bit from my hiking and snorkeling adventure in my last day in the island, I decided to walk in the beach since the island is famous on its beaches. My walked started at Ypao Beach and ended at Matapang Beach Park. One thing that I am not sure during the walk if I should not allow walking along the shore of private beaches or it was just fine at all since all of them are along Tumon Bay.

Ypao Beach (Gov Joseph Flores Beach) Park

From the hotel that I was staying, I took a bus to Hilton bus stop and from there I walked towards Ypao Beach.



The beach itself has historical significance in the island. Based on history, Ypao has been inhabited 3000 years ago. But during 1680, Spanish burned the village and move the Chamorros to Hagatna as part of population centralization.




Hilton Resort Guam & Spa


During American period, Ypao became leper colony and hospital has been built due to leprosy, gangosa and insanity disease.

During Japanese regime, there were pill boxes built around the area and even along the shorelines.

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After Ypao Beach, I passed a private beach which part of Pacific Islands Club Guam, Pacific Star Resort & Spa and Fiesta Resort Guam. Then, I also passed the San Vitores Beach before I ended in Matapang Beach Park.

Pacific Islands Club Guam






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Pacific Star Resort




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Fiesta Resort Guam



Matapang Beach Park


I was surprise that there is one such name of the beach in Guam that sounds familiar to me. The name itself is a Filipino word “Matapang” which means “brave”. I am wondering if it’s really a Filipino word or probably just similar to Chamorro word but I did not find answers to my thoughts so I just stick to its meaning based in my local language. Anyway its a name of the beach.

Before I fully passed the beach, I found the colorful canoes in the ground and looks like there is an existing club for kayaking or canoeing in the said beach.


I ended my beach walk at Matapang Beach Park and from there, I just walked towards my hotel along Pale San Vitores Road.


Urban Walk

In most of my travels, I always plan to get accommodation around the city where the public transportation is most accessible since I don’t know how to drive. When I visited Guam, I decided to look for hotel around Tumon. The hotels in the island are quite pricey and since I will be staying in the island for almost a week, I have to get the most affordable accommodation that I can afford at the time of visit but still located in Tumon area. In the end, I ended up to stay in Grand Plaza Hotel.

Since the first day that I stayed in the hotel up to my last day in Guam, I had few times walks around Tumon. Going to the shopping districts does not require me to take a transportation which is very handy for me to do it anytime. And if I wanted to eat somewhere not far from my accommodation, I will not have difficulty to do so.

Here are some of the photos that I captured while walking around Tumon area specifically while walking along Pale San Vitores Road.

Pale San Vitores Road





Tumon Sands Plaza


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Castaways Tiki Bar & Island Grill