Arts and Craft : Scarlett in Blue Dress By Helen Carlton

Arts and Craft (Post#11) : Scarlett in Blue Dress By Helen Carlton

When I saw this painting hanging beside the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta as part of “Beyond the Pages and Behind the Scenes” exhibit, I saw this plainly as painting. But after I saw the movie, I realized how lucky I was that I had a chance to see this painting for real which has been part of 1939 movie. The photos is part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015.


Scarlett in the Blue Dress, Oil on Canvass, 1939
Helen Carlton, artist
Loaned by Atlanta Board of Education

The life-size portrait of Scarlett hung on the wall in Rhett’s bedroom in their Atlanta mansion built after the Civil War. Joseph B. Platt, head of New York decorating the firm, coordinated the set interiors for Selsnick’s art department, including the selection of appropriate furniture, wallpapers, carpets and accessories for Gone With the Wind.

In 1939, the portrait traveled from California to the motion picture’s premier in Atlanta where it hung in the window of the downtown Davison-Paxon department store. More recently, the painting hung in the cafeteria of the Margaret Mitchell Elementary School in Atlanta.

Note: Excerpt from the notes displayed under the exhibit item.

979 Crescent Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA

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