Strolling at Midtown Atlanta (Peachtree Street Northeast – Atlanta Walk Part 1)

After visiting Margaret Mitchell House last November 20, 2015, I thought that it was still early to wrap-up my day and since its my last day in Atlanta, as soon as I left the museum past 5 PM in the afternoon, I decided to walk the Peachtree Street. I know that there are so many streets named with Peachtree in Atlanta but my walk happened specifically in Peachtree St NE. The starting point was 10th St NE towards North Avenue NE which all within Midtown. Since it was November and the beginning of autumn season, there were still greens in the trees on both side of the road that made the Peachtree St NE so pleasant for walk. At the part of Peachtree Street that I walked, I saw some significant structures and buildings along the way. Below are some of the snapshots that I captured in my walk.

At 10th St NE


Margaret Mitchell House

I included Margaret Mitchell House since it stands along Peachtree St NE. Detailed post in my visit in the house museum has been described here.

After crossing 7th St NE



After crossing 6th St NE




After crossing 4th St NE


Bank of America Plaza from a distance

After crossing 3rd St NE



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Fox Theatre

A historical former movie palace which opened in 1929 with Middle Eastern and Egyptian designs and listed as National Historic Landmark in USA.

After crossing Ponce De Leon Ave NE



The Georgian Terrace

When I passed the Georgian Terrace Hotel at that time, I don’t have idea that it was historical, I recently learned that the Hollywood stars of legend movie “Gone With the Wind” stayed in the hotel.

1. Plan to visit Midtown Atlanta ? – Please check latest information here
2. Entrance Fee – Walking in the city is totally free
3. Public Transportation Ticket – Use MARTA Breese Card,  here’s the official website, here’s alternative site for the card
4. Directions to Margaret Mitchell House using train :
If you will ride within Red Line or Gold Line regardless which station you will come from, just remember to get-off at Midtown Station.
If you will ride in any of Blue or Green Line, you are required to transfer at Five Points Station and take Red or Gold Line and get off at Midtown Station.
From Midtown Station, get off at 10th St NE and turn right towards Peachtree Street NE. And walked along Peachtree Street towards Downtown direction or towards North Avenue NE.

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