Strolling at Pemberton Place (Atlanta Walk Part 3)

Pemberton Place is home of popular city tourist spots such as Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world until 2012, the World of Coca-Cola museum where the Coca-Cola secret formula is hidden in their vault and Center for Civil and Human Rights where you may have a chance to listen the unimaginable experience of people because of color discrimination and persecution.


First Visit

After enjoying my visit in World of Coca-Cola last November 14, 2015, I walked a bit around Pemberton Place. It is a complex where tourist can enjoy their time without going too far just to visit tourist spots. During the walk, I realized how fascinating the architectural designs of the buildings that surrounds the place. I can say that it was designed to be globally recognized as tourist district.

I had one time chance to eat inside Pemberton Cafe after my visit in World of Coca-Cola museum. Next, I had a chance to take photos outside of World of Coca-Cola. Then I saw the wonderful building of Center for Civil and Human Rights museum which I visited the next day.


Pemberton Cafe




Center for Civil and Human Rights






World of Coca-Cola

Second Visit

I returned to Pemberton Place the next day which was November 15, 2015 as I wanted to spend time inside the Center for Civil and Human Rights museum and before going inside the said museum I took additional photos of surroundings of Pemberton Place where I was able to take photos of statue of Dr. John S. Pemberton who invented Coca-Cola and additional photos of Center of Civil and Human Rights museum.




On the way to Pemberton Place



Pemberton Statue


With Georgia Aquarium


Pemberton Place Green Space



Center for Civil and Human Rights


Georgia Aquarium

1. Plan to visit Pemberton Place ? – Please check latest information here
2. Entrance Fee – Walking in the city is totally free
3. Public Transportation Ticket – Use MARTA Breese Card,  here’s the official website, here’s alternative site for the card
4. Directions to Pemberton Place using train :
If you will ride within Red Line or Gold Line regardless which station you will come from, just remember to get-off at Peachtree Center Station.
If you will ride in any of Blue or Green Line, you are required to transfer at Five Points Station and take Red or Gold Line and get off at Peachtree Center Station.
Then exit at Peachtree Street, turn Right until you reach Baker Street NW and turn left towards Pemberton Place.

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