Restaurant : Litchfield Cafe

Restaurant (Post#3)  : Litchfield Cafe

I am only good in eating, but I haven’t really tried to write post that describes restaurants  and my experience on it. This will be the first one that will focus on this subject.

Litchfield Cafe is an eatery where people can eat through buffet style. When we reached the cafe, there are groups that’s already dined in two long tables. The other two long tables are vacant and seems reserved in our group. We looked for our seats and joined the groups in getting our food. The cafe was the place where we had our cold buffet lunch which includes different types of salads, sandwitches where you can choose your own fillings. As part of the lunch, we had a slice of their famous mango cheesecake as desert. After I tasted that the cheesecake was really good, I bought another slice to fill me in.

The photo is part of Litchfield National Park Tour Photo Collection September 2016.


Litchfield National Park, Litchfield Park Road, Litchfield Park NT 0822, Australia

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