5 Reasons You Want to Visit Litchfield National Park

Visiting National Park for me is always great. National Park always offers great scenery that reminds me that the world is indeed a beautiful one. Litchfield National Park is not exempted that offers beautiful scenery and offers discovery of our world’s natural wonders. Below are the reasons why nature lovers must visit Litchfield National Park.

1. Cathedral Termite (Nasutitermes Triodiae) Mounds

Everyone driving near or within Litchfield National Park will witness lots of termite mounds around the area. But two of gigantic termite mounts can be found here.



2. Magnetic Termite or Compass Termite (Amitermes Meridionalis) Mounds

A cemetery look-alike termite mounds where the termites able to create a perfectly flat mound upward.


3. Florence Falls (Karrimura)

It is said to be a spiritual place in a sense that it is exclusive  to individual no matter you are near or far from people.


4. Tolmer Falls

A spectacular falls within Litchfield National Park. This is the falls with high distant, deep plunge pool.


5. Wangi Falls

The most popular pool to visitors and the most accessible falls within the park.


There are more to see within the park, the list above are the nature wonders that I saw during day tour. Spending 1 to 2 days within this park is recommended to appreciate what the park can offer to its visitors.

Litchfield National Park, Litchfield Park Road, Litchfield Park NT 0822, Australia

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