Picture Frame : Edith (Leliyn) Falls

Picture Frame (Post#8) : Edith (Leliyn) Falls

As part of the adventure tour where it always involve trekking and hiking, our group went to the Upper Pools of Edith Falls via Leliyn Trail which used to be the same trail to take to reach Sweetwater Pool, the farthest pool that can enjoy where Edith Falls flows into but need the whole day time to reach it.  Edith Falls or Leliyn Falls for Jawoyn people, is a cascading falls which offers different pools that adventurer can enjoy. Edith Falls is also connected to Katherine Gorge which are all within Nitmiluk National Park. These photos are part of Day 1 (Darwin to the Katherine Region) of 9 Days Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure Tour October 2016.


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Edith Falls, Nitmiluk NT 0852, Australia

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