Life Of Others : Lake Argyle – Short Eared Rock Wallabies

Life Of Others (Post#14) : Lake Argyle – Short Eared Rock Wallabies

Cruising Lake Argyle gives the visitor a chance to see some of the island dwellers in the lake. One of this is Short Eared Rock Wallabies which commonly found in rocky hills and gorges and these wallaby species can only be sighted in Northern Territory and Western Australia. We were lucky we saw some of them in rocky cliff edges that surrounds the lake from the boat. These photos are part of Day 2 (Judbarra/Lake Argyle) of 9 Days Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure Tour October 2016.



Did you see the Short Eared Rock Wallaby ?



Another Short Eared Rock Wallaby



See three Wallabies?





Lake Argyle, WA 6743, Australia

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