Chromatic Outlook : Little Bungle Bungles at Kings Canyon (NT, Australia)

Chromatic Outlook (Post#45) : Little Bungle Bungles at Kings Canyon (NT, Australia)

When I had a chance to do a walk or trek in Kings Canyon in Northern Territory, Australia along the trail we found something which they usually called as “Little Bungle Bungles”. It resembles “The Bungle Bungles” in Purnululu National Park if you are looking into it from the top or from the air. Honestly when I saw it, I had been curious what its like for real. And I got my interest to see it one day. After three years that I had been in Red Centre, I returned to Australia in 2016 and got a chance to see this amazing landmarks. I featured these photos since I haven’t taken the flight tour over the park to be able to see it from the top. These photos are part of Day 3 (Kings Canyon) of 3 Days Red Centre Adventure Tour April 2013.



Petermann NT 0872, Australia

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