Emma Gorge and Cockburn Range – El Questro Wilderness

The night before, the replacement truck we will use arrived, as the current truck we had still need repairing.  We felt relieved because we knew that we can continue our journey in Kimberley Region.

It was 6th day of our adventure that day and our last day in El Questro Station. It was great to stay in the said station for the past two nights because it was a comfortable place to camp. The station has other facilities aside from basics, the camp provides washing clothes corner. It also offers accommodations, tours and it has bar-restaurant called “Swinging Arm Bar”. And even it was located in remote wilderness along Gibb River Road, I considered it as one of the best place to stay in the outback of Kimberley Region.

After we break the camp and had breakfast in the morning which become daily routine of the group during early hours of the day, we took El Questro Road to leave the camp to be back again in Gibb River Road. We were on our way to El Questro Wilderness Park within Cockburn Range. While in the road, watching the range so close was additional reward to enjoy.






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Cockburn Range close snapshots captured while inside the overland truck along Gibb River Road

The group’s adventure for the day was spent in Emma Gorge where we had an exciting trek before reaching the waterfalls, where the whole group enjoyed swimming in a refreshing cold waterhole.


When we reached Emma Gorge, it is actually a resort where it also offers accommodations similar to El Questro Station. It has restaurants and swimming pool. When everyone were ready for the trek towards the waterfalls, we started the walk. At first it was easy, then it became rugged and followed by rocky terrain. After more than an hour, we reached the waterhole at the end of the trail.  The entrance of the waterhole is fully covered with trees which I felt refreshing.




Everyone selected their own spots and prepared for the swimming. I took photos at first, then I prepared myself for the swimming and brought my phone inside the transparent bag so I can still used the camera of my phone while in the waterfalls. I walked towards waterhole and then my feet felt the cold water. Then, I felt the slippery rocks under the water. So I tried to walked first to a deeper part of the waterhole where I can swim a bit. I swam only in the shallow part of the waterhole as I am not that really good in swimming deeper part of the waterfalls.





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At Emma Gorge Waterfalls






Enjoying the water


The group preparing in leaving Emma Gorge Waterfall

After swimming, we returned to our truck. We drove again in gravel road named Gibb River Road. Then, we crossed the famous Pentecost River where it only passable during dry season. After crossing the river, we had few minutes stop in Cockburn Range Lookout where the majestic Cockburn Range is viewed. After more than two hours continuously taking Gibb River Road towards our destination which was Manning Gorge camp site, we had another stop along the road where our group had to take lunch, the location was not far from the crossing of Gibb River Wyndham Road and Gibb River Kalumburu Road. After lunch we were set back again taking the rough road towards the next camp site for the night.





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Kimberley Wilderness



Pentecost River






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Cockburn Range from Cockburn Range Lookout



Lunch near the crossing of Gibb River-Wyndham Road and Gibb River-Kalumburu Road

After being in the road between 5 to 6 hours, we reached Manning Gorge campsite for almost sunset time. There was another group arrived at the campsite and they are earlier than us, they were touring Kimberley Region as well like us and in the same company but in a different direction. They came from Broome going to Darwin, while our group came from Darwin going to Broome.

We setup again our tent after we chose our spot. Then, some from our group went to the nearby Manning River and had some fun again in the water before ending the day. I joined the group a little bit late, I soaked my feet under in the river and took some photos of the river, then joined the group for swimming.






At Manning Creek

Then one by one were taking turns on the shower while I joined the group again for the dinner, where I met some people from the other group. One of them took 21 days tour and its their 14th day that time which was really amazing, it was our 6th day in our group. After dinner, I helped out in cleaning the dishes before taking the shower that night which I will never forget as the lights went off around 9 PM, it was good thing that I brought my head lamp, so I only panic at first then continued my shower as if nothing happens even though it’s totally dark in my surroundings. After taking shower, I returned to my tent and went to bed as conclusion for the day.

Gibb River Wyndham Rd, Durack WA 6743, Australia

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