Something To Look At : Toad in Western Australia

Something To Look At (Post#12) : Toad in Western Australia

When we were in Mount Barnett Roadhouse to refill our tanks and to buy some stuff, I was able to capture something about toad. The information is dissipated so that people will be informed about it. After the adventure tour that I had, I learned that toad or specifically cane toad, has effect on biodiversity of Australia when it was introduced as fight for beetles threatening the sugarcane plantations because it has poisonous glands that resulted of reduction of other species. Therefore in Western Australia, one of the reasons why there is border between Northern Territory and Western Australia is to control such organism to spread in the said state. The photo is part of Day 7 (Manning Gorge) of 9 Days Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure Tour October 2016.


King Leopold Ranges WA 6728, Australia

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