Featuring Our World : Derby Wharf

Featuring Our World (Post#16) : Derby Wharf

We felt ecstatic when we were already taking sealed road, we just finished the last part of dirt track of Derby-Gibb River Road. It means one thing, we were near in one of the town that has over 2000 population in Kimberley. It made us felt a bit that we were away from wilderness of Kimberley. We stopped in Derby so that the group can had one last time to lunch all together. We stayed in the park and had cooked and prepared our food at Centenary Pavilion where we witnessed the Community Mosaic Tile Floor which symbolizes one way to celebrate the achievements of the state and nation in 100 years since Federation. And I did a bit of walk near Derby Wharf where it is said that its port receives the highest tides in any port of Australia, that’s why the jetty stands so high. These photos are part of Day 9 (Tunnel Creek, Derby and Broome) of 9 Days Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure Tour October 2016.







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