Travel Diary 101 : Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure

While living in Australia for more than 1.5 years, most of the cities and places that I visited are located in the eastern side and southern part of the country. I also got a chance to visit even the middle part of Australia. What does this mean? It means that I never got a chance to be at the northern part and western part of this huge continent country. Therefore, before my visa ended last February 2017, I planned for my last adventure in Down Under last October 2016. The said adventure was not like the first part of my tour. The suppose to be Kakadu National Park day tour became Litchfield National Park day tour. The whole story of what happened in the first part of my adventure were explained in my post here and here. The second part of my adventure started from Darwin at Northern Territory and ended at Broome in Western Australia.

After my tour in Litchfield National Park, the bus tour dropped me off near my hotel accommodation (The Cavenagh Hotel) that I booked for 1-night since the next day was the start of my 4WD Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure in 9 Days. In my travel and adventures, the tour was the longest multiple day tours that I experienced. The tour company also offers longer  days such as 21 Days that will end in Perth, but unfortunately, I cannot afford to be in 21 Days straight travel even I wanted to as I have other personal matters to attend even I was in vacation.

From the hotel, I picked-up my Telstra sim card that I reserved even before I arrived in my accommodation, then setup my phone. I had my dinner at the hotel and tried the steak that it was offering since The Cavenagh Hotel is famous for their steak. I had a great dinner that time inside my room since a lot of people were outside having dinner while drinking on Friday night. It was a typical Aussie ambiance in a pub restaurant. Before I slept that night, I prepared my stuff and my luggage so it will be easy for my early morning checkout.

Here are the 9 Days 4WD Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure itinerary that we had:

Day 1: Darwin to Katherine Region

From Darwin, the group drove towards Nitmiluk National Park in Northern Territory to enjoy Edith Falls and Katherine Gorge.


Edith Falls and Upper Pool

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Nitmiluk National Park with Katherine River at Baruwei Lookout

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Day 2: Victoria River, Judbarra National Park and Lake Argyle

The first stop of the group was a quick look of Victoria River along Victoria Highway. Next, the group had trekking adventure in Judbarra or Gregory National Park which still located in Northern Territory. Here we enjoyed fascinating scenery of the valley and the thousand years of aboriginal drawings and paintings created in rocks, boulders and escarpments.


“The Vic” or Victoria River


Trekking Escarpment Walls of Judbarra

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At Judbarra (Gregory) National Park

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Then, we drove to cross the border of Northern Territory and Western Australia where we experienced to adjust time as the two states has different timezone. The second adventure of the group for the day were cruising some part of the 700 square kilometre man-made spectacular Lake Argyle and swimming.


Sunset at Lake Argyle

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At Lake Argyle

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Day 3: Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungle Ranges)

The following adventure we did after we drove towards Purnululu National Park, were quick viewing of Osmond Range from the ground and trekking Echidna Chasm. We also had a sunset viewing at lookout ridge to witness sunset towards some part of Osmond Range and Escarpment Walls of Bungle Bungle Range.


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Osmond Range


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Echidna Chasm


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Sunset with Escarpment Walls (West of Bungle Bungle Range and Osmond Range)

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Day 4: The Bungle Bungle and El Questro Station

Since we camped within Purnululu National Park, we trekked “The Bungle Bungles”. The walked includes “The Domes” and “Cathedral Gorge” Walk. After we left Purnululu National Park, we passed Warmun (Turkey Creek) and Durack Range. We took the famous Gibb River Road to continue adventuring Kimberley. Our first stop along Gibb River Road was El Questro. We arrived at El Questro Station before it gets dark that day.


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A Walk in Purnululu Range from Picaninny



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The Domes


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Cathedral Gorge

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Day 5: El Questro Station and Zebedee Springs (plus Champagne Springs Trail)

The following day was spent in a relaxing bath time in Zebedee Springs. When we returned to El Questro Station, we played around and swam in Pentecost River just beside the group’s camping site inside the station. In the afternoon, I joined few people from the group to walk along Champagne Springs Trail.



Zebedee Springs



At Champagne Springs Trail  (unofficial itinerary)


Thousand Year Old Boab Tree along Champagne Springs Trail

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Day 6: El Questro Wilderness Park, Gibb River Road and Manning Creek

After leaving El Questro Station that day, we went straight to El Questro Wilderness Park which can be found within Cockburn Range. We trekked towards the waterhole of Emma Gorge and had great time  in the water. It was the same day where we spent longest hours driving in Gibb River Road for the day. We passed Pentecost River which cross each other with Gibb River Road, we enjoyed the scenic view of Cockburn Range from a distance and we took lunch in one of the resting point that located along Gibb River Road. Then, we had been in the same road for hours until we reached Manning Gorge Campsite just near Manning Creek before sunset.


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Emma Gorge


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Cockburn Range


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At Manning Creek

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Day 7: Manning Gorge

The day’s adventure was focused only in Manning Gorge, as we trekked hours towards and from the gorge and swimming on its waterhole.  Then, a relaxing time again in Manning Creek before ending the day.


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Manning Gorge

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Near at Manning Gorge Campsite

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Day 8 : Bell Gorge and Windjana Gorge

A busy time for the group as we visited two gorges in one day which both includes easy to medium walk towards the beautiful gorges. A great time spent in a picturesque Bell Gorge. A great experience in Windjana Gorge to witness sunset, freshwater crocodiles in Lennard River and thousand  fruit-bats flying away from the gorge for feeding time in one seating.


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Bell Gorge


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Windjana Gorge

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Day 9: Tunnel Creek National Park, Derby and Broome

Before heading to Broome, we had our last adventure in Tunnel Creek National Park in the morning where we explored a historical and ancient cave where the Tunnel Creek flows through it. We had lunch near Derby Wharf, stopped in Prison Boab Tree, Willare Bridge Roadhouse and Willare Bridge before hitting the road again to reached Broome. When we reached Broome, it was the end of the 9 Days Overland Adventure  from Darwin to Broome.


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Tunnel Creek Cave


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Prison Boab Tree


At Willare Bridge, Fitzroy River

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It’s the end of my adventure tour with the group and the beginning of my solo trip and tour of the rest of my stay in Western Australia.

Until then.

Kimberley, WA, Australia

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