Panoramic View : Roebuck Bay

Panoramic View (Post#39) : Roebuck Bay

Photos of the day are all about Roebuck Bay. When I got a chance to walk some part of Broome, not far from my hotel, I never regret that I did the walk during my second morning in the town. Because that walk made me realized how wonderful Roebuck Bay is. Honestly I was truly amazed because of its turquoise water near the shore. And the mangroves made the bay more fascinating and alluring. But I was more surprised when I reached McDaniels Lookout and looking back to the shore, I saw low red-orange cliff, and that explains why some of the beaches has red coloration. I can say that if I have more time in Broome, I definitely go back on the beach, I can’t get enough seeing Roebuck Bay. These photos are part of 2 Days Broome and Surround Tour October 2016.


IMG_8576 (2)_s1


IMG_8593 (2)_s



Notes :
Photo : Bay
Location : Broome Town Beach, Broome, WA, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus Service, Broome Cycles, Car HireBroome Taxis
Website : Town Beach


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