Something To Look At : Guwarri Old Jettty

Something To Look At (Post#15) : Guwarri Old Jettty

Photos of the day are all about Guwarri Old Jetty. During the walk, I found this trail marker which also an information board that tells something about the old jetty near Broome Town Beach. Historical photo brings us back to the past and I saw one for the old jetty. Then I looked towards the direction of the old jetty and it was gone. I felt regret and sadness because the photo shows how beautiful the old jetty before it was gone and I wondered why it was removed. Only a portion of the old jetty now exist and that portion is now what they call McDaniels Lookout, the viewpoint where I truly enjoyed seeing Roebuck Bay up close. These photos are part of 2 Days Broome and Surround Tour October 2016.


Guwarri Old Jetty in the photo

IMG_8580 (2)_s1

The portion left of Guwarri Old Jetty now McDaniels Lookout

Notes :
Photo : Historical, Jetty
Location : Broome Town Beach, Broome, WA, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus Service, Broome Cycles, Car HireBroome Taxis
Website : Town Beach

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