Discovery : Diver’s Suit & Air Pump

Discovery (Post#48) : Diver’s Suit & Air Pump

Photos of the day are all about Pearl Diver’s Suit and Manual Air Pump Equipment. The moment I entered Broome Historical Museum, an old and huge Diver’s Suit is displayed at the center of Pearling Display Room, the main room of the museum. The displayed Diver’s Suit is called as Standard Diving Dress or heavy diving gear which is a type of diving suit formerly used for all underwater works such as pearl diving. Beside the Diver’s Suit is the Manual Air Pump for Standard Diving Equipment which used to supply air through a connected air hose from the air pump to the diver. These photos are part of Broome Historical Museum Visit October 2016.

IMG_8603 (2)_s

IMG_8596 (2)_s

Diver’s Suit (Standard Diving Dress)

IMG_8597 (2)_s

Manual Air Pump (Standard Diving Equipment)

Notes :
Photo : Exhibit, Archive, Display
Location : 67 Robinson St, Broome WA 6725, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus Service, Broome TransitBroome Cycles, Broome Broome
Official Website : Broome Historical Society & Museum

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