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Colors : Not Four But Six Seasons (of Yawuru) Calendar

Six Seasons of Yawuru Calendar at Broome Historical Museum, Broome, Western Australia, Australia

Colors  (Post#11) : Not Four But Six Seasons (of Yawuru) Calendar

The photos of the day are all about “The Six Seasons of Yawuru” Calendar. Our World used to have four-seasons. A lot of countries adapted it, used it as reference and aligned it in our current 12-Month Calendar. But the traditional people of Rubibi (the Broome Region) identify six seasons. I read the description of the six seasons, I myself witnessed and observed how the season changes in Australia and agree as the truthfulness of the information is indeed happening in the country. I was fascinated that aboriginal people has scientific observations of the weather even thousand or million years ago. It’s great that these information are preserved even in our time. These photos are part of Broome Historical Museum Visit October 2016.



December to March

During this rainy season you will see magnificent sunsets and storms. Be aware of that cyclones may occur. Early or late afternoon walking is advised to avoid the heat of the day and high humidity. The appearance of Barn Swallows and flies indicates that the wet season is about to begin.


Begins April

The weather is still very humid and hot.Dragonflies mark the beginning of this short season. Soon the rain will stop. The tides are big and the wind is still. Everything grows quiet. The seasonal water places are full and the grasses are high


Begins May

This short season with south-east winds bringing cooler weather from the desert and dew at night. Salmon are in the ocean and the inland bloodwood trees are flowering. Walking is very easy due to the weather.


June to August

Winter time – the dry season. The sea and nights are cooler with the chilly east wind. There are brilliant starry nights. When you have the chance to look across the ocean, look out for Humpback whales migrating north to breed. They pass close to the coast when travelling north and returning south.


Begins around September

A short warming-up season. It is transition time when the weather changes and the west wind start to blow. The days start to warm up and the nights are cool. The mist comes in from the ocean and there is seaweed on the beach. The ‘soap tree’ and the other Acacia plants are bearing pods, which are collected in the next few months when fully grown and then baked in hot coal hash before eating.


During October and November

The weather is building up in anticipation of the rains. It is very humid and hot with the east wind blowing. There will be fewer people on the beach for the next six months since the sea is warm and full of stinging itching pests. The turtles are mating and laying eggs on the beaches. The stingrays and goannas are plentiful and the bush berries are ready for eating.


Notes :
Photo : Exhibit, Archive, Display
Location : 67 Robinson St, Broome WA 6725, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus Service, Broome TransitBroome Cycles, Broome Broome
Official Website : Broome Historical Society & Museum

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