Something To Look At : Broome Japanese Cemetery

Something To Look At (Post#18) : Broome Japanese Cemetery

Photos of the day are all about Broome Japanese Cemetery which more than 100 years old as the first interment recorded was 1896. Most of the Japanese laid in here were related to the pearling years of the town, where mostly were divers died due to drowning, diver’s paralysis from bends (decompression sickness), stroke and beriberi. There at least 700 Japanese tombstones in neat rows and said to be the largest such site out of Japan. The cemetery itself was clear evidence how this town has close ties with Japan through pearling industry that once the town dominates it. These photos are part of Broome Sightseeing Tour October 2016.







Notes :
Photo : Historical, Cemetery
Location : 1 Port Dr, Broome WA 6725, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus Service, Broome TransitBroome Cycles, Broome Broome
Link : Broome Japanese Cemetery

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