Restaurant : Matso’s Broome Brewery – Australia’s Most Remote Brewery

Restaurant (Post#5) : Matso’s Broome Brewery – Australia’s Most Remote Brewery

Photos of the day are all about Matso’s Broome Brewery which they also called as “Australia’s Most Remote Brewery”. During the tour, we stopped here to have a chance a free taste of their famous Ginger Beer and to have meal since the historical brewery offers not only drinks but food as well. During the meal I ordered Scotch Fillet with potato, bacon, green salads and added with prawns, it was a huge meal. The Brewery has colourful history where its building started a first bank in Broome and operation in four decades until was sold. Then transformed as general store by Matsumoto family where Matso’s name derived. Then, it was turned into a cafe, micro-brewery and art gallery. Then, became a full mash brewery. In total, it has over 100 years of history which considered as heritage. Though it was man-made tourist destination, but indeed Matso’s is part of history of the town. These photos are part of Broome Sightseeing Tour October 2016.






Notes :
Photo : Historical Business, Restaurant, Brewery
Location : 60 Hamersley St, Broome WA 6725, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus ServiceBroome CyclesCar HireBroome Taxis
Official Website : Matso’s Broome Brewery

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