Name Of The Place : Busselton UWO (Underwater Observatory)

Name Of The Place (Post#55) : Busselton UWO (Underwater Observatory)

Photos of the day are all about name of Busselton UWO (Underwater Observatory. This observatory is located almost at the end of the jetty (with 1.7 km distance from the shore). The said observatory is home of one out of only five underwater observatories in the world. These photos are part of Margaret River (Western Australia) Region Tour October 2016.



Notes :
Photo : Jetty, Longest Jetty, Busselton Jetty
Location : Busselton, WA, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth or
2. Take Transwa Train from Perth Station to Bunbury Passenger Terminal. Then
take Pemberton to Augusta and get off at Albert St. Busselton
Official Website : Busselton Jetty

3L Queen St, Busselton WA 6280, Australia

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