Bootleg Brewery – “An Oasis of Beer in a Desert of Wine” As They Call It

After we left Busselton Jetty, we traveled more than half an hour to reach the place where we had our lunch for that day. Before we reached the location, I enjoyed the backdrop and surroundings as we took the road where we passed grassland, vineyards and forest, the kind of scenery that I really loved.


Margaret River Region in Western Australia are known to be Winery Region. And establishing a brewery for the first time is unique in such region. And that kind of identity is what Bootleg Brewery is proud of.




We reached Bootleg Brewery and we waited inside the bus for few minutes before we got off. Not far from our bus, the restaurant boastfully shows the name of the brewery, a great spot to take photo souvenir for visitors coming to the place. After we assembled outside the bus, we walked towards the restaurant. While we were waiting for our food to be served since its pre-ordered by the tour company, I took my time to look around and appreciate the ambiance of the restaurant.



The food we waited was served and had our lunch. Our menu includes tasting of some local beers that they carefully crafted in Bootleg Brewery. Since I do not drink beer or any other alcohol beverages, I only took a few sip of beer for the sake of tasting. Few samples given in our table and the taste varies but in the end it all boils down to bitter taste, I guess that was the meaning of beer or similar of its kind, right?




Brewery History through images

After the lunch, I still have time to explore the two-storey brewery and its surroundings. I went upstairs where some of the brewery products are being displayed. Then, there were windows in the second floor that gave me a chance to see outside from the high ground. I saw the beautiful scenery of its surroundings consist of lake, children’s playground and beer garden.


Bootleg Brewery Flavored Beer Products


Children’s Playground



Beer Garden with the lake

I went down and explored the outside. I took photos of the picturesque lake, the colorful tables with chairs, the brewery itself and children’s playground. I can say that the brewery restaurant itself fits perfectly to the beautiful scenery.


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Picturesque Lake





Beer Garden



Brewery Restaurant

We left the brewery around 1 PM to continue the tour for the rest of the day. And the day was still beautiful as ever which great for our adventure in the region.

Until then.

Notes :
1. Plan to visit Bootleg Brewery ? Please check latest information here :
2. Location : 37 Wildberry Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280, Australia
3. Directions to Bootleg Brewery :
a. Join Day Tours from Perth or
b. Driving to Wilyabrup
Official Website : Bootleg Brewery



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