Theme : Heritage Building – The Old Backpackers & Union Bank

Theme (Post#17) : Heritage Building – The Old Backpackers & Union Bank

Photos of the day are all about Old Backpackers & Union Bank Building, as I do not have photos of it separately so I combine featuring them here. First, about Old Backpackers, is one of the building that had been re-purposed many times. If only walls can talk, most likely it already told us a lot of things happened inside the building. This building started as Gentleman’s club in 1884, then it became Dinsdale Shop (after owners William and Alfred Dinsdale) and also run as a temperance boarding house by Mrs. Charlotte Pyke – wife of Albert Pyke (manager of Settler’s House). It also became antique restorer, a shirt factory, a tailor, a saddler, an importer, a wartime tent-making factory and a block of flats. Most recently it housed a backpackers’ hostel. And finally about Union Bank building, it’s almost the same with Old Backpackers with lots of functional history. This building, was branch of Union Bank of Australia in 1878. From 1951 to 1996, it became an Australia and New Zealand Bank branch. After that, it became a jewelry shop and factory. And currently the building is a veterinary clinic. Both buildings still standing at this time and its amazing how these buildings passed through more than hundred years of time. These photos are part of Wheatbelt Region Tour October 2016.



Old Backpackers (Left) and Union Bank (Right)

Notes :
Photo : heritage building, Union Bank, The Old Backpackers
Location : 148-152 Avon Terrace, York WA 6302, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth or
2. Take bus from Transwa Bay East Perth to Esperance or Albany and get off at Joaquina St in York Town
3. Take train from Perth Station to Midland Station, then exchange train from Midland Station to Joaquina St Station in  York.
Official Website : None

148 Avon Terrace, York WA 6302, Australia

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