Discovery : Rabbit-Proof Fence (State Barrier Fence of Western Australia)

Discovery (Post#64) : Rabbit-Proof Fence (State Barrier Fence of Western Australia)

Photos of the day are all about Rabbit-Proof Fence (now called as State Barrier Fence of Western Australia). This fence is the Longest Fence in the World. The fence is a pest-exclusion fence built from 1901-1907 used to keep away rabbits and other agricultural pest from east out of Western Australia. The fences were also previously know as State Vermin Fence and Emu Fence. There are three fences, No.1 Fence which starts from Starvation Bay, west of Esperance on the south coast, to the Ninety Mile Beach, east of Port Hedland. When there were rabbits found passed the No.1 Fence, the No. 2 Fence built which started to Cunderlin and move north to meet No.1 Fence then from Cunderlin to Point Anne on the south coast. The No.3 Fence starts from south of Kalbarri in west coast to meet No.2 Fence in Woogalong. All fences completed in 1907. These photos are part of Wheatbelt Region Tour October 2016.





Notes :
Photo : street billboard, fence name, rabbit-proof fence, vermin fence, emu fence, State Barrier Fence of Western Australia
Location : Corrigin-Quaraiding Road, WA, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth or
2. Drive towards Corrigin-Quaraiding Road
Official Website : None

Corrigin WA 6375, Australia

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