Chromatic Outlook : Hippo’s Yawn

Chromatic Outlook (Post#53) : Hippo’s Yawn

Photos of the day are all about Hippo’s Yawn. This famous rock is also connected to Wave Rock and one of the spot to enjoy in the area for photo shots because of its resemblance to the yawning hippopotamus, which led to its name. It is about 12.6 metres (41 ft) tall and is located just out of the town of Hyden. These photos are part of Wheatbelt Region Tour October 2016.






Notes :
Photo : rocks, Hippo’s Yawn
Location : 115 Wave Rock Rd, Hyden WA 6359, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth or
2. Drive towards 115 Wave Rock Rd, Hyden WA 6359, Australia
Official Website : Wave Rock

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