Bloom : Pigface (Carpobrotus)

Bloom (Post#1) : Pigface (Carpobrotus)

Photos of the day are all about pigface flower or simply carpobrotus. After leaving Mulka’s Cave, we stopped along the road and found these flowers near Lake Gounter Nature Reserve. This is one of the wildflower that can be found in the area during spring season. These photos are part of Wheatbelt Region Tour October 2016.








Notes :
Photo : flowers, pigface flowers, spring time flowers, carpobrotus, ice plant, sour fig, hottentot fig.
Location : Hyden WA 6359, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth or
2. Drive towards Hyden WA 6359, Australia
Official Website : Wave Rock Wildflower


Lovering Rd, Hyden WA 6359, Australia

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