Where to go in Wheatbelt Region?

It was another fulfilling journey that I had in my third day in Perth which was my second day tour. As I am searching what’s common to all towns that we visited in the tour that will describe most of the areas, I found the common thing that I can say about the towns of York, Quaraiding, Corrigin and Hyden. I learned that all of the towns are belong in one region named Wheatbelt Region. It is one of the major regions in Western Australia that most of its land area are focused in agriculture.


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Perth Convention Exhibition Centre


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Perth Arena

From my hotel in Perth, I was picked-up by big tour bus, which I thought after I jumping into it and after picking up other passengers, we will be driving straight to the tour, but our bus dropped off us at Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, which for me a few minutes opportunity to see the other parts of Perth. The location became the hub of all the tourist that will join tours for that day in the same company tour. And its a good strategy as all their tourist, whichever tour they will join, just need to switch to another bus that assigned for the right tour and voila, all where picked-up in one place before heading to the tour. Therefore, after I went outside the bus that picked me up in the hotel, I checked which bus will go to my tour which not hard to see and we just queued for few minutes. Then, our tour guide calls the name on his list and when my name was called, I jumped into the bus, the bus that will bring me to my next travel tour in Wave Rock located in Hyden.


Windan Bridge and Swan River


Windan Bridge and Optus Stadium

From Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, we took Graham Farmer Freeway, Windan Bridge, Great Eastern Highway Bypass, Great Eastern Highway and Great Southern Highway to reach York.

Our driver and tour guide, while we took Graham Farmer Freeway or Northbridge Tunnel just mentioned that tunnel itself has town above it, which an amazing information that was given to us that time. Well it was not surprising anymore that around the world, the tunnels in the metro or the city has buildings and establishments above it.

1. York

First inland town in the state of Western Australia found near the Avon River and part of Avon Valley. This town is full of historical and heritage buildings along Avon Terrace. Stopping here is a worth thing to do and will not regret visiting the historical town.


York Town Hall

After stopping at York, the tour continues. And we had few stops between York and Hyden for some unique tourist spots and discovered things along the way.

2. Quaraiding

Quaraiding is a farming community which can be found along York-Quaraiding Road which both sides offers beautiful green scenery. The name Quairading, is derived from the Aboriginal word ‘Kwirading’ meaning the home of a small bush kangaroo.


Rabbit-Proof Fence (State Barrier Fence of Western Australia) – World’s Longest Fence

3. Corrigin

Corrigin is widely known as a ‘Town of Windmills’ due to the abundant supply of ground water. Almost every home had a windmill until 1960 when the town was supplied with scheme water. Like Quaraiding, the community is also located at the central Wheatbelt region.

After a quick stop at Quaraidang, we returned to the bus and we were back in the road. When we were at Corrigin-Quaraiding Road, we turned left to Brookton-Corrigin Road, and stopped along that road near Jose Road where saw a unique and interesting cemetery.


Corrigin Dog Cemetery

4. Hyden

The last town that we had visited was Hyden, the home of major tourist spots such as Hippo’s Yawn, Wave Rock and Mulka’s Cave. This town in Wheatbelt Region enjoys the visits of more than hundred visitors every year. The town has been part of ancient river system that exist in Western Australia where its visible remnants are the salt lakes astray in the town.

a. Hippo’s Yawn


b. Wildflower Shoppe Cafe


c. Wave Rock Wildlife Park


d. Hyden Rock


e. Wave Rock


f. The Humps and Mulka’s Cave


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