In The Middle Of Somewhere : Inside of Taipei Main Station

In The Middle Of Somewhere (Post#13) : Inside of Taipei Main Station

Photos of the day are all about moments that I captured inside of Taipei Main Station during my second time in Taiwan. I went inside Taipei Main Station and explored it as I need to exchange the 3 Days Taiwan High-Speed Rail Unlimited Pass that I bought few days earlier before my scheduled flight. And while walking inside the station, I saw lots of people gathered at the center of the station, an open space which at first I thought that there was event happening but it was not. I came closed to the center and realized, most people gathered in the open hall were mostly my countrymen. That day, I learned the place where my countrymen usually meet up in Taiwan, indeed it is at Taipei Main Station. I considered the station as the best place of everything, it is a public transportation hub surrounding by shopping stores and restaurants, and all in one place. These photos are part of Second Taipei Tour last August 2017.





Notes :
Photo : Inside of Taipei Main Station
Location : No. 8, Zhengzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103
Directions / Transportation :
Majority of public transportation in Taiwan and in Taipei City starts and ends in this station.
Website : None

Taipei Main Station, Taipei City, Taiwan

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