Structure : Taipei City Gate – The North Gate (Chengenmen)

Structure (Post#22) : Taipei City Gate – The North Gate (Chengenmen)

Photos of the day are all about The North Gate or Chengenmen. The name of “Chengen” means “to inherit the grace of the heavens”. In all five historic gates of the old Taipei City Wall, The North Gate is the only one that still intact from its original Qing Dynasty architectural style while other gates were renovated into Chinese palace style. Historically, North Gate was important gateway during its old days but even that was the case, it was still planned for demolition but because of the scholars petition, it was decided to preserve. It was amazing to know that previously there was elevated highway beside it which removed to showcase how important cultural heritage The North Gate is. Currently, it is the most valuable state-designated historic sites in Taipei. These photos are part of Second Taipei Tour last August 2017.







Notes :
Photo : The North Gate, Cheng’enmen, Taipei City Gate North Gate,
Location : Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100
Directions / Transportation :
From Taipei Main Station, get off at South Exit/Entrance of the train, then turn right and walk beside the Zhongxiao West Road and the gate can immediately be seen along the road.
Website : Beimen Memorial Park / North Gate

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