Discovery : Kabusanji (Mount Kabu) Temple

Discovery (Post#70) : Kabusanji (Mount Kabu) Temple

Photos of the day are all about Kabusanji Temple or Mount Kabu Temple. Learning about something regarding the temple, made it more interesting. I remembered Yasaka Jinja in Kyoto (not really far from Osaka) which more than 1300 years old, Kabusanji Temple is same old as well. From their official site, the temple is Japan’s first Satsumon Tenden Temple Nemurozan Shrine and it is an example of syncretization of Shinto and Buddhism which I understand that it happens while traveling around Japan. Temple inside the mountain probably a challenge but for me, finding them with nature makes it more appealing for me. These photos are part of Walking and Trekking in Takatsuki last May 2017.








Notes :
Photo : Kabusanji Temple, Mount Kabu Temple, temple,
Location : 3360 Hara, Takatsuki, Osaka 569-1051, Japan
Directions / Transportation :
1. Take JR Tokaido-Sanyo Line and get off at Takatsuki Station
2. Take bus Haraohashi 53 and get off at Kabu Sanguchi Bus Stop
3. Follow the walking trails from bus stop to Kabusanji Temple
4. Visit the official access link to reach the temple here.
Official Website : Kabusanji Temple

3360 Hara, Takatsuki, Osaka 569-1051, Japan

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