14 Amazing Bays, Beaches & Pool to Enjoy in Rottnest

As Rottnest surrounded by water for being an island, therefore it is understandable that it has plenty of bays, beaches and even pool that fascinates every water adventure enthusiast. It has total of 63 beaches and what I had seen so far were just few of it. Whether you are a rookie swimmer, seasoned snorkeler or expert diver, or just wanted to go fishing or watching sunset with sea, the island offers a lot of water spots to enjoy with different activities. The list below is partial list that I was able to see from the ground and just waiting to be explored. And do not take for granted Rottnest as it is “One of the Most Luxurious Snorkelling Spots in the World” according to Expedia’s Listopedia.

1. Thomson Bay

The bay named after Robert Thomson who farmed salt from the island in 1841. Arriving in Thomson Bay is the first thing to experience in the island. You will immediately see jetties on this bay. The Main Jetty, Fuel Jetty and Hotel Jetty are all located in Thomson Bay. Additional feature of the bay is its historical settlement area where it boast its interesting Colonial Buildings that are more than 100 years old standing until today which mostly converted and used as guest houses, accommodations and hotels nowadays. From the settlement, there is sheltered waters of Thomson Bay that can be enjoyed for swimming. There is aquapark as well that can enjoy inflatable equipment for any ages.




2. Henrietta Rocks & The Shark Wreck

Henrietta Rocks is a lookout where it can easily see “The Shark” shipwreck which said to be the easiest shipwreck to enjoy around the island for diving and for snorkeling as it is accessible 50 meters from the beach. There is small beach under the lookout that can be enjoyed for swimming. Whether you enjoy the beach alone or snorkel in short distance, the place is perfect for both. Henrietta Rocks Lookout, Dyer Island can be seen closer than any other points in the island.




3. Parker Point and Purpoise Bay

Parker Point does not only offer scenic views of stunning bay and beaches from its lookout, the white sand beach at the bottom is lovely, the turquoise water is great for swimming. Parker Point beach is one of the most popular beach in the island. And Purpose Bay is wonderful for boating experience. The bay is one of the great spot for snorkeling since Parker Point is one out of five marine sanctuary exist in Rottnest.




4. Jeannies Pool

A beautiful pool can be seen in Jeannies lookout. The pool is a series of holes in the reefs between Parker Point and Little Salmon Bay and only recommended to swim if the wind is light. From the lookout, the pool scenery is unique compared to other viewpoint.




5. Little Salmon Bay

When I had a chance to see Little Salmon Bay from a distance, I can say that the small beach was amazing. Its clear water still visible from afar that looks so lovely for swimming.




6. Salmon Bay

Salmon Bay is the longest bay in Rottnest where the long stretch of shoreline consist of beaches boasted its beauties and offers lots of underwater sites to enjoy snorkeling and swimming.




7. Fish Hook Bay

This bay near at Cape Vlamingh looks similar to Jeannies Pool from the lookout which also said to be a great place for snorkelling. It is said that this bay can enjoy lots of fishes and even turtles.




8. Cape Vlamingh

At Cape Vlamingh Viewing Platform I enjoyed the waves that breaks into the reef and an up-close observation of flying silver gull. During migration season, this is one of the best spots to enjoy watching whales.




9. Cathedral Rocks

Not far from Cape Vlamingh is Cathedral Rocks where the New Zealand Fur Seals (local residents of the island) can be observed from the viewing platform or from the boat that can go nearer to these wilds at short distance. If lucky, will have a chance to see them playing around in the water like what I witnessed during the visit.




Other bays and beach that I found while exploring the island are : Rocky Bay , Stark Bay, Ricey Beach, Catherine Bay Beach and Geordie Bay.

10. Rocky Bay




11. Stark Bay




12. Ricey Beach




13. Catherine Bay Beach




14. Geordie Bay




Notes :
1. Plan to visit Rottnest Island ? Please check latest information here.
2. Location : Rottnest Island, WA 6161, Australia
3. Directions to Rottnest Island :
Transportation :
a. Join Day Tours from Perth or
b. Go to Barrack Street Jetty Elizabeth Quay terminal and take Rottnest Express
c. Go to Hillarys Ferry Terminal and take Rottnest Fast Ferries boat
d. Go to Northport Rous Head Harbour or  B Shed Victoria Quay in Fremantle and
take Rottnest Express ferry or
e. Go to B Shed Victoria Quay in Fremantle and take Sealink Rottnest Island ferry
Official Website : Rottnest Island


Rottnest Island WA 6161, Australia

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