Featuring Our World : Keelung Harbor (Port of Keelung)

Featuring Our World (Post#22) : Keelung Harbor (Port of Keelung)

Photos of the day are all about Keelung Harbor, which is the only international harbor of Taiwan. It is also called as Port of Keelung and currently holds 7th Busiest Cargo Port in the World. Along with that, Keelung City develop coincided with the harbor. But because it is surrounded by mountains and has limited lands for development, its progress were contained in the harbor that supports the livelihood of the people in the city. Developments were related to seaport that is why I can say the harbor is most likely the city center of Keelung where majority of its economy depends on. These photos are part of Keelung City Tour last August 2017.



Port of Keelung Scenery from Keelung Station (Maritime Plaza) Bus Stop



Near Keelung Station (Maritime Plaza) Bus Stop Observation Platform


Keelung Station South (left) with Yangming Marine Culture and Art Museum (right)


Yangming Marine Culture and Art Museum (left building) and beside it is City Bus Terminal


Along Zhongyi Road with Boat Marina Harbourside Leisure Hall (right building)


Keelung Station South

Notes :
Photo : Harbor, Keelung Harbor, Port of Keelung, port
Location : Zhong 1st Rd., Ren’ai Dist., Keelung City
Directions / Transportation :
a. From Taipei Main Station, take TRA train to Keelung Station. TRA Train website here.
b. Please visit the access link to the harbor here.
Website : Keelung Harbor

Inner Harbor of Keelung, Taiwan

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