National Australia Bank – Once Queensland’s Most Prominent Bank

National Australia Bank is another heritage building exist along Queen Street located in city central of Brisbane. It was a former Queensland National Bank head office built in 1885. The building symbolizes the close relationship of Queensland Bank and state of Queensland Government. It was designed by Architect FDG Stanley in Classical Revival Style.




National Australia Bank

Three-Storeyed Brick Structure with Murphy’s Creek sandstone facings in Classical Revival Style with distinct Palladian influence. Giant order columns of Oamaru (New Zealand) limestone dominate the Queen and Creek Street facades.

The building has a distinct Palladian influence with careful classical detailing and giant order columns. It is built on a corner, and the two facades are dominated by bays of Corinthian columns which rise through the upper two storeys. This portion of the Queen Street facade protrudes in the form of a porch while the similar colonnade on Creek Street is recessed.

— Wikipedia

The moment I entered the building, I felt like I was going to discover something amazing and the moment that I saw inside the magnificent heritage structure, I totally agree why is has to be a heritage structure. A building that was able to stand more than 100 years since it was built and it remains its radiance is something that people of Brisbane should be proud of.

I  just had a couple of photos inside of it, but to be honest, it was not allowed to take photos, but at that time, I got few shots taken while touring the building. If the external design of the building looks so grand, the things to see inside is the same as well. Since the building still use as bank for real, I thought that was the reason I never able to capture so much photos inside.



Decorative Ceiling with hanging brass chandelier


Hanging Brass Chandlier


Decorative Ceiling and Walls




At the second floor balcony with the giant order Corinthian columns rise through two-upper storeys with semi-circular windows





Boardroom showcasing elegant mahogany and walnut furnishings with well designed marble fireplace



The Chambers feature Italian marble fireplaces with customised glazed ceramic tiling—here depicting Milton’s Il Penseroso and L’Allegro.



At the third floor balcony with the giant order Corinthian columns rise through two-upper storeys


Another beautiful brass chandelier

There was a room that was allowed for the visitor to see and seeing it with my own eyes, made me felt like I was entering a room that used by important people before, because the interior design are so detailed, from the ceiling, the hanging chandelier, the long tables and chairs, the carpets, the walls and even fire places are so elegant in style that at that time symbolizes luxury. Another building features that I truly admired is the lift with surrounding stairs where it clearly shows the design of its metallic structure.





The original staircase, lit naturally from decorative light wells, wraps around the lift well and opens to the The Chambers’ grand Queen Street entrance.

The building still servers as one of the branch of National Australia Bank. And having a chance to see this amazing classical structure in the city was a great opportunity to witness again, how Brisbane share its own elegance like other city that I visited in Australia.

Until then.

Notes :
Plan to visit Brisbane ? Please check latest information here.
Location : Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Directions / Transportation to Brisbane Central Business District :
1. Within Brisbane take any translink train and get off at Central Station. Exit at Ann Street
2. Check the access link to the city here.
Official Website : Brisbane

Plan to see National Bank Australia in Brisbane? Or plan to visit the building during Brisbane Open House event? Check here.
Location : 308-322 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Directions / Transportation to National Bank Australia :
1. From Central Station. Exit at Ann Street
2. Cross Ann Street and walk straight towards ANZAC Square and ANZAC Memorial until reaching Adelaide Street
3. Cross Adelaide Street and walk straight towards Sir William Glasgow Memorial until reaching Queen Street
4. Turn left at Queen Street and walk until reaching Creek Street
Official Website : None

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