5 Reasons Why Rottnest Island Is Your Next Perfect Holiday Destination?

Are you wondering if its worth to visit Rottnest Island as your next holiday vacation? My visit in the island was considered a once in a lifetime, because the world is so big, and it’s really hard to say if I will get a chance for a second time. My tour in Rottnest was one of the awesome holidays that I had even though I spent less than a day in the island.

Being able to explore almost the whole island, was my reference to say that if you are into island adventure all in one, Rottnest is indeed a perfect holiday destination. Whether you are adventure seeker or stay-cation enthusiast, there is definitely something for you. Whether you are solo traveler like me or you are with family, the island has lots of things to offer for yourself, your friends, for your love one or for your family.

Without further ado, below are the reasons why you must consider Rottnest Island as your next holiday destination.

1. Lovely Bays, Beaches & Pool

Rottnest Island is “One of the Most Luxurious Snorkelling Spots in the World” according to Expedia’s Listopedia. Rottnest has 63 beaches and what I saw were just some part of it. Some bays and beaches to mention are : Thomson Bay, Henrietta Rocks & The Shark Wreck, Parker Point and Purpoise Bay, Jeannies Pool, Little Salmon Bay, Salmon Bay, Fish Hook Bay, Cape Vlamingh, Cathedral Rocks, Rocky Bay, Stark Bay, Ricey Beach, Catherine Bay Beach and Geordie Bay.

2. Historical and Mighty Hills

Rottnest has significant participation in defending a part of Australia through Oliver Hill with colourful history. The hill features the military defense of the island by protecting and defending port of Perth and Fremantle. The 9.2 inch battery remains can still be seen and enjoyed through tunnel tour. Not far from Oliver Hill, the Wadjemup Hill and Lighthouse can be seen. The lighthouse itself protects the boats that approaches the island.

3. Scenic Lakes

During the island exploration, Rottnest does not have only beaches and bays, it has scenic lakes to enjoy through bus tour, biking or even walking and trekking. The lakes to enjoy are : Lake Vincent, Herschel Lake and Government House Lake.

4. Green Technology – Rottnest Wind Turbine

As part of environmental protection of the island, Rottnest built a wind turbine to both fulfill the electricity needs of the island as holiday destination and to reduce diesel / greenhouse emission.


5. Hearty Historical Place – Thomson Bay Settlement

The island has a heartfelt and deep history that needs to be learned by visitors of the island to appreciate what it has been through and why it is a holiday destination nowadays. Thomson Bay Settlement area witnessed this part of history.


Notes :
1. Plan to visit Rottnest Island ? Please check latest information here.
2. Location : Rottnest Island, WA 6161, Australia
3. Directions to Rottnest Island :
Transportation :
a. Join Day Tours from Perth or
b. Go to Barrack Street Jetty Elizabeth Quay terminal and take Rottnest Express
c. Go to Hillarys Ferry Terminal and take Rottnest Fast Ferries boat
d. Go to Northport Rous Head Harbour or  B Shed Victoria Quay in Fremantle and
take Rottnest Express ferry or
e. Go to B Shed Victoria Quay in Fremantle and take Sealink Rottnest Island ferry
Official Website : Rottnest Island


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